I just saw two boys putting graffiti on the wall of the bank next to my house. Actually, I saw them throwing the spraypaint can into my yard and walking away. I was upstairs and not dressed, so I couldn’t chase them or shout at them. They looked like they were about 12. What are 12 year-old boys doing up and out at 6:30am? And if I had chased after them, would that have kept them from doing it again, or would they come to my house next time and smashed windows out?

Anyway, I took my camera to school so I could take pictures of my classroom and I left it there. So, no pictures this morning. Maybe this evening I’ll upload some classroom pics. In the mean time, here’s a graffiti graphic. It says “Namie Amuro”. That’s the name of some Bulgarian pop star. She looks like she’s 12, but if I’m reading the cyrillic correctly, she was born in 1977. They must be doing some airbrushing in her pictures.

Namie Amuro.