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Bulletin Board Done

I always have to start my getting-ready-for-the-school-year process with my front bulletin board. I do the Bible verse of the year as my theme. It takes me a day. Once I finish it, the rest can follow. It’s all I did yesterday, and now that I’m writing it, it sounds like I didn’t do very much. But it’s all part of the transition from Summer-Brad to School-Brad. I’m going in to school today (on a Saturday), and maybe also tomorrow. Being there helps me realize it’s coming. Here’s my bulletin board for this year. The theme verse is around the border.

Here’s my bulletin board from last year. The theme verse is at the bottom.

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  1. Lauren

    Those are VERY cool. Did you make them freehand (wings & cross)? I like how the words around the top one look like those magnetic poetry letters. Bery graphic.

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