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Sunday Morning

I went to another church again today. It was St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church. It’s in walking distance of my house. The sanctuary is beautiful. I was once again confused by the service. I didn’t know how to follow along. I don’t know if that’s how all Roman Catholic churches are, or if it’s just the two I’ve gone two in the last two weeks. It isn’t very visitor-friendly, I have to say.

One other interesting thing about this morning’s service: the sermon was entirely Gospel. There was no Law. Completely Law-oriented sermons are very common. I heard one when I went to an Assembly of God church a few weeks ago. But completely Gospel-oriented sermons are a very rare bird. I missed hearing Law. Gospel is just a bunch of fluff if there is no Law. I was glad for the experience. I wonder sometimes if people wouldn’t rather just hear Gospel. But without the Law, why care about the Gospel? No big deal. God loves me, yeah, yeah, who doesn’t?

On a completely different subject, I’ve been wanting to record just how big my backyard banana trees are this year. The mild winter didn’t completely kill the trunks from last year, so they had a big head start. They’re HUGE! I took a picture, but somehow, it doesn’t seem to show how big they really are.

Ring, ring, ring...bananaphone.


  1. Lauren

    Um, yeah, the picture DOES show how huge they are. It looks like you’re some tiny person standing by a weed.

  2. Lloyd

    This is the funniest line I’ve read all day, “God loves me, yeah, yeah, who doesn’t?” Indeed, who doesn’t?

  3. Annette

    Lauren said it would be okay to tell you that men always think “things” are bigger than they really are!

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