Incessant Aftertaste

I can’t drink diet drinks. The artificial sweetener leaves a bitter-metallic taste in my mouth. If I overlook the aftertaste and drink a whole glassfull of diet drink anyway, I not only taste the aftertaste immediately, it haunts me sometimes until the next morning.

For a few days now, I have had the bitter-metallic taste in my mouth constantly. I haven’t had any artificial sweetener in large quantities lately. The only thing I’ve had in the last two weeks was Trident gum. I have decided to not chew that for a while to see if it helps. I also am wondering if my toothpaste has artificial sweetener. Sometimes they do. For now, I’m using a dry toothbrush.

I’m writing this down so if it continues for a long time I will have a record of when it started. Every year, I seem to have some strange sickness, some mysterious malady. It seems too soon for it to start already. In the past, the earliest a problem has ever presented itself is October. (That was the finger incident) The problems are usually resolved by spring. It’s gonna be a long, hard winter if I have to deal with this taste until spring.

Coffee, tea...sugar free?

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5 Responses to Incessant Aftertaste

  1. Annette says:

    I suspect if the thumping, blood spattering, truck moving, and metalictasting continues much longer it will keep you up long enough to grade papers in a timely fashion. By the way, you may want to check with trustworthy friends to see if the mouth problem may really be halitosis, and are you sure you have all your digits after drywalling??? perhaps the truck moved to take you to the emergency room after you stumbled out of the door grabbing on to the doorbell in an attempt to get anyone’s attention for medical assistance!

  2. Michele says:

    I’m thinking you’ve licked the inside of too many microwave popcorn bags – did that ever occur to you?

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