Indoor Gardening

I always enjoy gardening while I’m at Lloyd and Lauren’s house in the summer. I’m sure I’ll be publishing some pictures of the outside gardens as I work on them this June or July.

A couple years ago, we started some succlulents with leaves we collected. Now it’s a big plant. The plant was sitting in the kitchen window and was getting a little unwieldy. I went looking for something to repot it in. I found some melamine teacups in the basement. Lauren helped me drill holes in the bottoms, and voila! Kitchen windowsill pots!

The repotted succlulent is in the middle two cups, jade cuttings from Lauren’s mom are in the left cup, and a streptocarpella cutting is in the right cup.

Coffee, tea, or dirt?

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6 Responses to Indoor Gardening

  1. Michele says:

    After that whole mug festival during our Secret Santa exchange, I would think you’ve had enough with the mugs already! Now how is Lauren going to build that retaining wall?

    Brad is coming home today! Brad is coming home today!

    • Lloyd says:

      Good riddance too, I say. It’s been nothing but Pot This and Pot That for over a week now. Pretty much every concave surface at our house has a plant in it now. It’s going to take weeks to cleanup.

    • Peggy says:

      OH NO! . . . are you a mugaholic? Is this the real reason why you begged for “NO MUGS!” Did I unwittingly feed this bizarre addiction? Does this explain why you took the mugs home instead of throwing them away? AHHHH!!!! Does this make me a co-dependent?

  2. Michele says:

    Hey! I just noticed that you’ve added the “recent comments” thingy off to the right just like Lloyd and Lauren have! Very cool!

  3. Annette says:

    I think you should put binoculars on the sill….that whole plant thing is just a lame excuse for the real reason you stand at the sink and take pictures so early in the morning! I know, Lauren told me! And, the longer the scientific name for the plant, the longer you stand at the window…I’m on to you man!

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