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World of Pets Expo

Not having anything particular on the agenda yesterday, I wanted to do something unusual. Coincidentally, the radio had a commercial playing in the morning that said something unusual was happening at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. It was the World of Pets Expo. I thought it might be a fun diversion, so I went.

It was kind of interesting. There were dog agility courses, and that was fun to watch for a while. They had some dogs and cats on display… also interesting. The vendors were a little scary because their whole life was about their dog or cat. (If it was a World of Plants Expo, I probably wouldn’t be saying that. hehe) Anyway, it was a nice time. Dog and cats and scorpions and rabbits and all…

Here’s a sheep dog running the agility course. He was so fast he was a blur! (Not really).
Faster than a speeding pullet. (At least I THINK he could catch a chicken)

Here are some of the friendlier-looking animals from the show that weren’t dogs or cats. They’re alpacas!
Their hair makes me smile... Dude, wheres my skateboard?


  1. Lauren

    How cool! I’m envious of your mini-adventure. Skateboarding alpacas, lightning-fast sheep dogs sounds like an awesome way to spend a Saturday. I searched around here but they just had a car show in Omaha.

  2. Erin

    Alpacas are so cool!
    We have an alpaca farm near us and I occasionally buy wool from them for knitting. They don’t dye it – the different colours come from different alpacas – their natural colouring.
    What is your shoe size? Or better, measure your foot in inches and I’ll make you a pair of Alpaca socks. 🙂

  3. Peggy

    Any furless critters at the expo? I wonder what the comments would have been if you had your own booth there with Ned. I think he’s expo worthy. Think about it for next year.

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