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Last night there was a lock-in at school. It was offered at our school’s auction. As it turned out, the one who won it was Michele’s dad. He got it for Michele’s son. He could invite 11 of his friends to stay at school from 8pm to 8am. Under the supervision of teachers, they would play in the gym, have some pizza and make some cookies in the cafeteria, and hang out in the hallways watching movies and playing games.

It was very fun. Most of the kids conked out around 4am, but a few committed souls stayed awake all night. Here are some photo highlights:

Playing in the gym
Various games of catch and keepaway.

Making pizza. Michele is using a pot lid to cut pizza. Kim has snapped from lack of sleep. Fortunately, no one was injured.
Ree, ree, ree, ree! (Is that how you would write the Psycho music?)

Making cookies. Debbie brought in dough and they topped it with their choice of toppings.
He did actually eat some of this. I watched him do it.

This is the group who tried to stay awake all night. Some of them made it. Playing computer games helped.
Wii would like to play.

Everybody left pretty quickly after 8am, but two of them had to stay for detention from 9 to 10. Here is one of the poor souls. Heh, heh, heh…
Nobody knows the trouble Ive seen...

UPDATE: Here’s David. He made it to the end of the lock-in without sleeping, but fell asleep waiting to leave for home.
All tuckered out.

Yesterday’s Lenten Chore: Yesterday? What’s that?


  1. Beth

    You mean to tell me, all that opportunity, and you didn’t manage to get parent permission from Michael’s Mom to post a picture of him? Or was she not ready to exploit her baby for the benefit of we Nebraskan’s?

    • Brad

      Updated. I don’t really have Michele’s permission, but here he is anyway. Michael is the older son. David was the one in the lock-in.

  2. Lauren

    Wow, it that a cookie or ‘My First Heart Attack’?

    I am most impressed with Michelle’s resourcefulness!

    • Michele

      I would love to take credit for the “pot lid as a pizza cutter” idea, but I think it was Brad’s idea. After watching Superman muscle his way through the first few pizzas, Kim and I decided to give it our girly try. It was EASY as pizza pie! 🙂 Brad was either faking his own super-power strength or he is truly a wimpy man!

  3. Peggy

    Lock in, locked out, lock up … it was all happening last nite. (to Kim when you wake up: My son & his buddies were robbed at gunpoint last nite by 4 guys on the way back to the Metro train about 2:00am. Thank God no one was hurt, but they were left penniless on the dark streets of DC. Again, thank God for cell phones. Gotta go …)
    Note to all who read this: email me your cell phone #’s please so I don’t have to communicate like this again)

    • Beth

      Holy catfish, PegMan! I can’t believe that happened! Actually, I can believe it happened, I just can’t believe it happened to someone I almost know! I’m so glad to hear your son and his friends are ok…and that the thugs didn’t take their cell phones (or if they did, they found one they could use to call for help!).

    • Kim

      Yikes Peggy! I hope Joe is okay, and your heart is beating normally. I just woke up and it is 3 PM.
      I no longer have murderous intent against anyone, well, maybe Uncle R…not really, maybe….it was a fun night and the kids were very well behaved.

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