A Quick Trip to Lincoln

I didn’t get my flax seed meal before I left Baltimore, but I knew there was a tree-hugger store in Lincoln, so I figured I could get it there.

Yesterday was the day. We went to Lincoln to get my flax seed, to return some things to Target, and to check Linens and Things to see if they had the color of sheets Beth’s been after. Beth didn’t find her sheets, but the Target visit was successful. And I did get my flax seed meal.

The Nebraska version of a tree-hugger store was similar in a lot of ways to the Baltimore tree-hugger store. But I have to say, I didn’t see poseurs there like I do in Baltimore. It just looked like a lot of granola-eating, earth-loving, enviro-freaks. It was nice to not have to deal with the fakers. There’s nothing worse than a fake tree hugger. Except maybe a fake bird watcher. I hate fake bird watchers!

Lauren made friends with the checker because they got to talk about Chicobags.

I’m glad to have my flax seed meal. I’ll add it back in to my morning routine. Here’s mud sawdust in your eye!

The elusive Nebraska Treehugger can be found only in small areas of the state.

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8 Responses to A Quick Trip to Lincoln

  1. Lauren says:

    You funny! You make it seem like I was there! Oh wait, I was.

    That checker, I felt a deep, reusable connection with him.

  2. Lloyd says:

    Hey, I was there too. I made friends with the Ron Paul flyers on the bulletin board.

  3. Beth says:

    I was there, too. I just complained about how stinky the store was.

  4. Deborah says:

    Dare I ask what the purpose of flax seed meal is?

  5. Peggy says:

    Dear Kettle ….

  6. Kim says:

    I am glad you are having a regular time in Nebraska!

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