Saturday, when I went out to get potting mix for my orchid babies, I also needed to stop at the grocery store. My visit was a little surreal. I was kind of sleepy, so that made everything look fuzzy. On top of that, the people were unusually polite, and I was seeing strange products I had never seen before. I mean, just what exactly is sponge pudding anyway? I made an impulse decision to get chocolate chips. I would have chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner.

I didn’t have it with beer like Beth does. I drank milk. Cookie dough sure is filling. Is it the fact that there is a lot of flour in it? …Or is it that the portion I had contained the equivalent of three tablespoons of butter? I may never know. But I’m done with cookie dough for a while now. I guess I’ll make the rest into cookies or something.

The perfect couch potato food?

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6 Responses to Dinner

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh. my. gosh. No wonder you have weird symptoms all the time. Cookie dough for dinner?? You’d never catch me only eating one thing that’s chock-full of flour for dinner! er..

  2. Beth says:

    More importantly, what is “Spotted Dick”? Those people at Heinz need to do some product evaluating…

    You bought a can, didn’t you? And you’re saving it for a later post, aren’t you?

  3. Peggy says:

    HAHA!!!! Love the picture … hehehe … thanks for sharing your Spotted Dick with us on a dull Monday morning …

    And Mmmmmmm …. now this is one raw food I’m with you all the way!!! And where else can you get such a balanced meal … it contains almost all the food groups: dairy, protein, bean juice, anti-oxidants, refined grains … woo hoo!!

  4. Lloyd says:

    Thanks Brad for making our Macaronni and Cheese look a lot less pathetic.

  5. Kim says:

    What were you doing at a grocery store on The Block?

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