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Saturday, when I went out to get potting mix for my orchid babies, I also needed to stop at the grocery store. My visit was a little surreal. I was kind of sleepy, so that made everything look fuzzy. On top of that, the people were unusually polite, and I was seeing strange products I had never seen before. I mean, just what exactly is sponge pudding anyway? I made an impulse decision to get chocolate chips. I would have chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner.

I didn’t have it with beer like Beth does. I drank milk. Cookie dough sure is filling. Is it the fact that there is a lot of flour in it? …Or is it that the portion I had contained the equivalent of three tablespoons of butter? I may never know. But I’m done with cookie dough for a while now. I guess I’ll make the rest into cookies or something.

The perfect couch potato food?


  1. Lauren

    Oh. my. gosh. No wonder you have weird symptoms all the time. Cookie dough for dinner?? You’d never catch me only eating one thing that’s chock-full of flour for dinner! er..

  2. Beth

    More importantly, what is “Spotted Dick”? Those people at Heinz need to do some product evaluating…

    You bought a can, didn’t you? And you’re saving it for a later post, aren’t you?

  3. Peggy

    HAHA!!!! Love the picture … hehehe … thanks for sharing your Spotted Dick with us on a dull Monday morning …

    And Mmmmmmm …. now this is one raw food I’m with you all the way!!! And where else can you get such a balanced meal … it contains almost all the food groups: dairy, protein, bean juice, anti-oxidants, refined grains … woo hoo!!

  4. Lloyd

    Thanks Brad for making our Macaronni and Cheese look a lot less pathetic.

  5. Kim

    What were you doing at a grocery store on The Block?

    • Peggy

      hehehehe ….

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