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Lock In

Last night was the annual lock in event we do for our school auction. Michele’s dad won it. Michele’s daughter was the recipient. It was a great group of kids.

I got there late because of Denis’ birthday celebrations. I tried to convince him to join us at the lock in to continue his birthday party, but he declined. Because I was late to the lock in, I decided to play a little prank. I dressed in my dark bathrobe and a hood and came in a side door of the gym (where everyone was gathered when I got to school). I walked into the gym without saying anything. I really freaked out Kim, Michele, and Peggy. Ha! The kids weren’t scared – they were mostly confused. Except Bryn, who said he was walking towards me to take me on.

The evening included all the usual festivities:

Sleeping bag races in the hallway-
Insert maniacal laughter here.

Movie watching-
We thought a movie at 1:30am would make them sleep. No luck.

And sleeping in the hallway-
They finally went down at about 4am.

It was a fun night. And we actually did get some sleep. I think I’ll be moving a little slowly today though.


  1. Peggy

    When you walked in, this is what I saw:


    When I’m startled, I jump, when I’m scared, I scream, when I’m petrified … I really am.

    (and may I direct you to your post of April 16th, paragraph 3, last sentence … )

    • Michele

      That’s a perfect picture Peggy! We won’t mention the bad word I yelled out once Brad exposed himself.

      I think it’s great how the three of us were so terrified that we took no steps to protect the kids under our care! We were literally frozen in fear.

      • Carol

        ……..wait a minute……….someone “exposed” himself? with students present??!! I’m hoping you just meant “identified himself”….or am I going to have to have a talk with someone on Monday…?

        • Karla

          Ummm, Brad’s in trou-ble!

          • Peggy

            The only thing I saw Brad expose was his foot when he smelled his sock. BTW: Is it considered rude to turn down an invitation to smell someone’s sock? And is it impolite to not reciprocate such an offer? If yes, I do apologize and will try to use better manners when I’m not so tired.

        • Michele

          Carol – using the word “exposed” was just more fun, but I totally meant “identified himself.” I know Brad threatens to expose his bare chest on occasion, but the only skin I saw was his belly when he stretched this morning!

          • Peggy

            Michele–the 1st step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

          • Michele


  2. Beth

    Could there be a more uncomfortable place to sleep? Ever? The cold, hard, cement/tiled floor of a school hallway…

    Oh, to be kids again and not care in the least. 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Lloyd wants to know how much the evening went for.

    I think you should just buy the whole Death outfit to wear all the time – hooded robe, sickle, empty eye sockets.

    • Michele

      This year we only shelled out $500. I would have gone as high as $1,000 (I was in charge of my father’s checkbook) but the competition wasn’t as bad this year. We paid a lot more for David’s lock-in two years ago – I think $1,200? That’s what grandfathers are for.

      Poppop also bought a week of dress down for Michael – that went for $300. It just depends on who is bidding and how much drinking has taken place prior to that item going up for bid. I was perfectly sober so it wasn’t as much fun – ha!

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