I was in the grocery store yesterday and saw eggplants. It made me crave the salty goodness of fried eggplant.

It’s pretty simple, really. Slice eggplant, dip in egg, dip in crushed soda crackers, fry. Then salt like there’s no tomorrow. I usually stop eating after four or five pieces. Last night I’m quite sure I had WAY beyond the recommended daily allowance of cooking oil. But it was so, so tasty.

For dessert, I had some cookie dough I’ve been saving in the refrigerator. Awesome!

I should probably have my arteries checked or something.

Salty fried goodness.

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7 Responses to Eggplant

  1. Heart Doctor says:

    Mr. Royuk, your arteries appear to be clogged with cookie dough and fried eggplant. I recommend that you just finish them off with donuts and cheesesteaks. Here’s a prescription for the food court at the mall.

  2. Lauren says:

    How come my fake doctor comment is taking so long to show up? Doesn’t this website know me?

    • Brad says:

      Sorry. I still have to approve new commenters. Otherwise there would be four to six spam comments posted every day. Lloyd, I need help updating my software this summer. I’m still using version 1.5.2, fer gosh sakes!

  3. Beth says:


    Now your house will smell like fried food for the next 8 days. Mmmm…fried food…

  4. Deanne says:

    Anything fried is good.

  5. Peggy says:

    That looks absolutely deelicious Brad! Yes, fried food … but you really should take it easy with the salt, too much is not good for you.

    Was it choc. chip dough? Mouth watering ….

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