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Merry Bradaptation Day!

Today is Bradaptation Day! It’s the anniversary of my first regular entry. I had done other entries, but July 21, 2006 marks the first in a string of nearly uninterrupted daily postings. Hurray!

In honor of this first post, you can celebrate by replacing your kitchen cabinets, or by going to IKEA, or by mowing your lawn. All of those things are mentioned. You could also celebrate by walking across your lawn on the way to the mall. Or you could just look at your lawn from the air-conditioned inside and go back to watching TV.

It’s also Michele’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Michele! Yay! Did you think I forgot? Not with my awesome online memory helping me out.

Though nothing became formally planned for a Maxwarming party, I would love to have anybody who’s interested stop by around midday. In the morning I have to make a quick jaunt to the garden center near Annapolis. I have some garden money that will expire after today. I should be home by 11:30am. Among other refreshments, I’ll be offering peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as my Suhsi Hana salad, both of which have been featured on Bradaptation. I have to go to the dentist around 2:15, but until then, we’ll party like it’s 2006!

For you school people who can’t make it, I hear there’s a girl party at Debbie’s tomorrow. I’ll ask her if I can bring Max over for a quick visit.

For you Deanne people who can’t make it, we’ll arrange a time that’s good for you guys to visit.

Karla, I don’t know if I’ll make it to your workplace or not. Probably not.

For you Nebraska people who can’t make it… um… sorry.

This is Max looking at Bradaptation.  It's blurry because he kept squirming.


  1. Deanne

    Happy Bradaptation Day! Have a lovely Maxwarming, and we’ll arrange to get up your way sometime soon, hopefully.

    Daniel has been asking to go up to the inner harbor with Grandma, so we could maybe work out a double-whammy. I have to say that I haven’t shown him Max yet! He’ll be so excited!

  2. Beth

    Stupid Brad living so far away that Max can’t meet his relatives. I guess you’ll have to drive next summer so you can bring Max, huh?

    And Merry Bradaptation day! (As well as happy birthday, Michele!)

  3. Karla

    What? You’re not going to make it to the Centier Centre? Oh, it’s a sad, sad day… 😉 Have a happy Maxwarming, Max. Happy Birthday Michele! Happy Blogiversary, Bradaptation!

  4. Kim

    Happy, Happy Birthday Michele! Enjoy your day-see you tomorrow.

    I knew Max was a smart cat! Reading and posting to Bradaptation already.

    Yay! Bring Max to Debbie’s!

  5. Carol

    You mean there is only about a two-hour window today for the official Maxwarming?! That’s just not right! Yes, ask Deb about tomorrow…but remember to pack a towel, sunglasses, trunks, and SPF50 for Max so he can sun with everyone.

    (Many years ago I was in our neighbor’s in-ground pool when our own cat at the time wandered over…we grabbed her and floated around in the pool with her, which would have been fine as long as it lasted since we kept her dry, but when she tried desperately to fly to the edge to get out…let it suffice to say she never even wandered into the neighbor’s yard again. So do we know if Max floats or swims yet??)

  6. Michele

    Happy Bradaptation Anniversary! Thanks for all the suggestions on ways to celebrate. Here’s my plan:
    1) Instead of replacing my kitchen cabinets, I’m getting my backsplash done today – ha! I beat you! 🙂
    2) Instead of mowing my lawn, I’m getting my son to do it – yeah for boys!
    3) Instead of going to the mall, I’m going to the post office to get stamps, then to Dunkin Donuts for my iced coffee with a touch of mocha flavoring – yummmmy!
    4) Instead of watching TV in my air-conditioned home, I’ll probably play spider solitare or read more of my new book. Shocking?!

    … I guess I’ll also be stopping by my friend’s house to see Max – yeah!!!

    • Annette

      I don’t know you Michele, but I sure like the way you think! Could you fit a pedicure and manicure in there somewhere?
      By the way, who needs a kitchen if you’ve got Dunkin’ Donuts? They’re open 24/7…right??

      • Michele

        I don’t know if they are open 24/7, but they ARE open during MY waking hours which is all that matters! I keep fairly regular hours now that I’m a mother of three and teach middle school. In other words, I won’t be looking for one at 3:00 in the morning after a fun night of partying!

  7. Lauren

    I just can’t wait until tomorrow for all the after-Bradaptation Day sales!

  8. Peggy

    Happy Bradaptation Day! Happy Birthday Michele!

    (awesome picture of Max … please, sir can we have some more!)

    • Kim


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