Auromere Toothpaste

I got a new toothpaste from the treehugger grocery store yesterday. It's called Auromere. It has many claims on the box. One of them is that it's saccharin free. Yay! That means I can use it.

I was a little nervous at first because it has neem tree extract in it. The only other time I've seen neem oil is as a natural insecticide in the garden. I'm using bug killer to brush my teeth? My other problem is that it's fluoride free. I wouldn't use this all the time, because it seems like fluoride works pretty well.

I am a little confused by its claim to be cruelty-free. Do other toothpaste companies make lab rabbits brush their teeth? What's wrong with sharing that fresh, clean feeling with other species?

Its ayurvedic!  (Whatever that means)

When I put the Auromere toothpaste on my toothbrush, I was a little disturbed by its color. It was brown. Aren't there natural ways of artificially coloring stuff? Yikes! But I was pleasantly surprised when I brushed my teeth. It was minty and good-tasting. It also foamed up well, which has been the downfall of several of the other toothpastes I have tried.

I have kind of a strange taste in my mouth this morning, so I'll have to use this toothpaste for a while longer before making a final judgment.

Disturbingly brown.

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9 Responses to Auromere Toothpaste

  1. Lauren says:

    “Toothbrush trees”? That’s so crazy – I love it! I remember a book from my childhood – “The Good Master”. It’s set long ago in Hungary and when the little boy is getting ready for the day he dips his finger in a jug of salt and brushes with that. Good times.

  2. Lloyd says:

    The second picture makes me want to brush my teeth with caulk.

  3. Beth says:

    It looks like dijon mustard. That’s just weird.

    Have you ever gone back to a regular toothpaste. You know, since the end of the CO poisoning? Maybe you could switch back again? To avoid the mustard. And the neem oil.

  4. Kim says:

    If you are going to do another post about toothpaste, at least force Max to be in the photograph.

    Patrick: Well you’re still yellow! And you know what else is yellow?

    Spongebob: What?

    Patrick: You are!

  5. Peggy says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re called Neem Trees because Neems live in them. Considering the strange after taste, we can only incur what Neem glands the oil is being expressed from….


  6. Carol says:

    “sharing that fresh, clean feeling with other species?” Ya’ gotta see “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” then! “Minty fresh!” – line from smiling stray dog after first tooth-brushing by BHC’s human’s niece.