Winter Coat

Max has sprouted some new hairs. He has random white hairs growing in the areas that have previously been “black”. These new hairs are longer than his usual fuzz. I think he’s growing his winter coat.

The weather has been cooler lately, so it makes sense. I’m only running space heaters for now, so the house is kind of cool, especially at night. One nice side effect is that Max has become more cuddly. He used to sit on the couch for thirty seconds, then jump off and run into the next room. But now he just lays in front of the heater. He’ll still wrestle a little, but he likes the heat… the lazy heat. Ehhxcellent.

See the white hairs?

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10 Responses to Winter Coat

  1. Deanne says:

    Snuggly, hairy kitty. Sounds pretty good. Does he sleep with you?

  2. Lauren says:

    “Winter coat” – that cracked me up! I think that’s what I’ll call the hairs that sprout from my chin.

    • Carol says:

      Your line is much funnier than mine was going to be – just a reflection on the white hair on my head when Nice ‘n Easy Color 117 is wearing off. Good one, Lauren!

      [Now does that mean we get to knit or shop for scarves to match those white hairs, wherever they may reside?]

  3. Lauren says:

    Hey! I knew that picture reminded me of something. Look at the cover of the book:

    • Carol says:

      Whew! For a minute I thought you were sending us to a moldy bread site – you know, white hair sprouting and all? Thank goodness it’s just a Max Lookalike page!

  4. Beth says:

    Poor cold kitty. I could send him a pile of Bobbie’s hair for the winter. It would be like “Locks of Love” for cats.

    Now let me go sweep under the couch…

  5. Michele says:

    Has he sprouted another extra nipple?

  6. Carol says:

    I’ll start saving Nonnie’s fur logs (they’re never round enough to be called “fur balls”) and bring them in for you/Max some day soon. Maybe dried out they could be woven into tiny feline scarves, hats, or mittens…the ultimate recycling!

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