Cleaning the Garden

I worked in my garden yesterday. It was glorious! I was going to clean out the area under my back porch. It was quite messy. Once I started piling trash into the back of my truck, I realized that I could do some pruning while I was at it. I clipped the deutzia, the butterfly bushes, the cherry tree, and the holly bush. I noticed after clipping the holly bush that I’m starting to make it into an informal espalier.

See how the branches are flat against the wall?

When I got all the trash and garden waste loaded into my truck, I went to the dumping site. The man there greeted me by saying “We don’t got no room.” I said, “Do you have more bins coming?” He said, “No.” (awkward silence) I didn’t know what to say next. It was 12:30 and apparently they were done for the day. He said, “Don’t go to Sisson street. They’re full, too.” (awkward silence) I was still confused. Then he said, “Your best bet is to go to the landfill.”

So I called Lloyd and got the location of the landfill. I had to drive over the crazy high Francis Scott Key bridge. I prayed that all my trash wouldn’t blow out while I was on the bridge. I found the landfill with no difficulty at all. Once I got there, the guy said, “I’m not supposed to take branches, but I’ll let you in anyway.” I guess the employees at all locations are trained to give you a hard time about some kind of imaginary rule.

The landfill is on Quarantine Road.  Fitting name, huh?

Speaking of cuts, I also cut my hair yesterday. I guess the “extra volume” shampoo has been working!

This is my first post with two categories.  I've always felt it was somehow improper.

But the most exciting news from yesterday is that my tadpoles have legs. Yay!

The little dears are growing up.

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24 Responses to Cleaning the Garden

  1. Beth says:


    So…they pay someone to sit at the dump and tell people that they’re closed? Instead of just putting up the CLOSED sign, or locking the gate, or whatever?

    Those local taxes, hard at work again.

  2. Lauren says:

    I loved Eric Espalier in C.H.I.P.S. I didn’t know he had a tree style named after him.

    What would happen if you would burn those branches in your trash can ‘chiminea’?

  3. Lloyd says:

    You have some nice pictures here. Except for the dump picture; you got the composition all wrong on that one. From now on, would you take my pictures for me?

  4. Peggy says:

    Hey Brad–you have ‘Transformers’ in your pond…AWESOME!

    And Ijust love watching them turn into frogs…thanks for the picture…I hope you continue to follow their developement (don’t eat the legs yet, they’re not ready).

    • Carol says:


      Peggy, just because he know we’s a rabbit serial killer does not mean he’s going to put countless young frogs in wheelchairs to eat their legs……does it?

      Oh, dear…

  5. Deborah says:

    In your espalier link, there’s a pear tree to the right. I have seen that pear tree in The Cloisters in upper Manhattan. I took my class on a field trip there when we taught on Long Island. Just thought you might want to know.

  6. Carol says:

    Say, what’s the white sticker in your basement window in that first shot of the wild-n-crazy holly: “By order of some obscure law in the City of Baltimore, no branches ever cut from these shrubs or trees may ever be dumped at…”??

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