Hanging Out with Uncle Brad

Yesterday after church, while Brent and Sandra went to Valley Forge and Antietam, their kids and I stayed home. Actually, we didn’t stay home the whole time. We went to IKEA and had meatballs for lunch. We walked through the store to bask in its Swedish goodness, then we went home.

We only stayed home for a couple of hours. I wanted to read, but didn’t have the next book on my list, so we went to Barnes and Noble. I show “The Hiding Place” movie every year in class but have never read the book. I think it’s time, so I got it yesterday.

After the bookstore, we went to Michele’s son’s graduation party. Actually, we didn’t go the party at first. First we went to their house and there was nobody there. Then we went to the party, which was at their church. There was good food and good company. And I think we all had a good time… except for Daniel, who really, really wanted to get home again. He likes my Xbox.

Here’s where he and I spent most of our day yesterday. It was grand.

I gave him the gaming chair, but I did not give him the Halo Special Edition green controller.  That is MINE.

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7 Responses to Hanging Out with Uncle Brad

  1. Lauren says:

    *sgh* “Bask in its Swedish goodness” – your nieces and nephew are the luckiest kids ever. Well done, Uncle Brad!

    And I just have to say: ‘Correct Party Knowledge’ is not your super power.

    • Michele says:

      The sad thing is that my church is just two blocks north of Brad’s house – he could have walked!

      Brad – you should have posted the picture of Daniel’s red teeth after he ate a piece of cake. 🙂 That was cute. (Oops! Unless he isn’t allowed to have cake and now I just got him in trouble!)

  2. Beth says:

    You must have looked like a clown car comedy piling in and out of your truck. 😉

  3. Lloyd says:

    It was kind of you not to post any pictures from Ikea. Lauren was sobbing softly this morning as it is.

  4. Deanne says:

    I wish I could just “like” this without commenting. I don’t have anything to say, but it made me smile. Maybe from now on whenever I want to just “like” it, I’ll only post a little smile.


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