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Dippin Dots: Fail

I went to Lincoln with Beth and Lauren yesterday. Beth wanted to go to Lemon Days at the mall. It’s a day where all the stores put stuff into the hallway and have “sidewalk sales”. I didn’t get anything, though I did look a little bit for teacher shoes.

I was excited to see a Dippin’ Dots stand. I don’t think I’ve ever tried them before, so I got some. Ouch! They are painful! They stuck to my tongue and ripped the skin off of it. I didn’t even finish them.

Lauren said: “You’re doin’ it wrong!”

Beth said: “I like cats!”

Later in the evening, Bobbie was kind enough to model what I was doing after my tongue skin was torn off:
I like cats.


  1. Michele

    Too funny! You should have posted a side-by-side so we could see what you looked like next to Bobbie!

    “Lemon” Days? Really? Isn’t “lemon” a word used to describe a piece of crap in the market world? I don’t get it. Do Nebraskans use another fruit to describe that type of thing? Do they have “Grapefruit Laws” and such? (I’m not too fond of the taste of grapefruit so that would make total sense to me.)

    • Michele

      As a matter of fact, if I accidentally get a taste of grapefruit, I make that same Bobbie face!

  2. Carol

    A few assorted “sage” comments:

    1. Yea, aren’t they awful? I wonder if they used those as “glue” for that boy’s tongue when he licked the frozen pole during recess in “Christmas Story”? My motto: if it ain’t original ice cream…it ain’t real ice cream.

    2. Don’t let Max see Bobbie’s picture, or he may mourn what he’s been missing and beg you for a fur coat when you get back. That could put a dent in the Lutheran teacher’s budget.

    3. I miss grapefruit – never so much as after I knew I couldn’t have it any more (thanks to Lipitor). One woman’s lemon is another woman’s grapefruit, I suppose…

  3. Beth

    It’s called “Lemon Days” because the stuff they put out in the hallways is all the clearance stuff from the year, maked down crazy cheap. So it’s an weird assortment of odds and ends from most stores. Or just shirts in a strange color that didn’t sell. Whatever.

  4. Lauren

    Don’t give up on Dippin’ Dots, Brad – they’re the ice cream of your future!

    Michele, the best part of Lemon Days is calculating the price of everything on sale. “60 percent off the already-marked-down price of 12 dollars? That’s like thirty dollars! I’ll take it!”

    I’m like some sort of savant.

    • Deborah

      HA! That’s what I do, too. Every time I think, “I should have brought my calculator!”

  5. Peggy

    Great cat picture!!

    And I’ve had Dippin Dotths before & I don’t remember them thticking to my tongue. I’m willing to talk like thith until you heal.

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