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Merry Bradaptation Day!

Happy Birthday, Michele! (Yay! My memory archive works!)

Today is also the anniversary of my first regular post. It is known as Bradaptation Day. I’ve been trying to think of some appropriate way to celebrate the day. What sort of tradition or custom might be fitting for such a day? Last night we went out for steak fingers at RO’s. They were delicious, and now I can check them off the list. Still on the list: eat at Godfather’s Pizza.

…So eating some kind of food you like? That seems like a good way to celebrate.

I had some suggestions last year. You may want to celebrate the day that way. Or if you have other ideas, please share them.

Tender, juicy, and salty.  Mmmm...


  1. Michele

    My mother is taking me to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate ummm, Bradaptation Day! 🙂 It will be my first time there, but I will make sure to “eat something I like” so I can honor this special day appropriately!

    • Carol

      Oh, Honey! Try the romano and permesan-crusted chicken breast with angel hair pasta (or something like that). The only bad thing about it – if you eat it all, there’s no room for cheesecake!

      HAPPY B-day, Miss Shell!

      Happy Brad-a-versary, everyone!

      • Michele

        Too late to take your advice Carol. I love a place that serves breakfast all day and so I had an omlet with cheddar, swiss, and double bacon! Nothing says Happy Birthday (I mean Happy Bradaptation Day) like bacon!!

  2. Lloyd

    Three words: Feats of Strength

  3. Lauren

    Merry Bradaptation Day!! I composed a poem last night to honor this day, but I didn’t save it and now can’t remember it. I believe it had the line ‘very mad-chap nation way’ in it, for rhyming reasons. Trust me, it was very moving.

    I vote for a gift exchange, but the kind where boys give girls presents and girls do nothing in exchange.

    • Deanne

      We could give them a ribbon from our hair, for the joust.

  4. Beth

    Merry Bradaptation Day. And to all a good night.

  5. Peggy

    Well, I’m going out to lunch tomorrow and I’ll surely toast Bradaptation Day then! Dang, there are no steak finger places here!

    In the meantime, I’ll do what I always do. Laugh my butt off reading your post & the comments that follow while trying to carry on with whatever I’m supposed to be doing at the time!


    Happy Bradaptation Day! Thanks for all the fun!

  6. Carol

    Well I celebrated NBD (National Bradaptation Day) by having my first ever nuclear stress test. I thought of you, Brad, as I know how much you enjoy medical testing…that being said, it was a walk in the park – er – on the treadmill. The tech reading my screen when I was done used the three magic words “you did good”, and I was done a full twenty minutes early, so it was a great morning over all. Loving husband then took us to Bob Evan’s for the delayed breakfast (is was a “no food after midnight” test) and I got the “fit from the Farm” combo – turkey sausage, fruit and yogurt crepe, etc. I’m feeling ready to take on the world! Well…maybe go in the pool later and float on a noodle, at least. Now, after five days, if my primary care physician doesn’t call, I think I “passed”. Regardless, I’d go again – the two fifteen- minute “naps” in the open tunnel while the gizmo takes shots of your chest make it all worthwhile.

    • Lloyd

      I’ve often wondered if I would be able to handle the stress of a nuclear attack. Maybe I should have one of those too.

      • Carol

        [When the doc originally asked me if I’d ever had one of these tests, I wanted to say, “I teach middle schoolers – does that count?”]

        No, no, no, silly man! It’s not a test for stress due to the presence of nuclear stuff; it’s use of nuclear stuff (gamma photons, the guy told me) to test for stress on the old ticker.

        I still think teaching young adolescents ten months out of the year ought to count somehow…

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