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Carnation Cup Trials – Part Three

I’ve been trying out a new Carnation cup. It seems pretty promising. Here’s how I acquired it:

I was on a Quick Trip to Lincoln with Lauren. We went in for some mulch and make-up. On the way, Lauren suggested we stop at Hockenbergs. It’s a place that sells kitchen and restaurant equipment. It’s a very cool place. As we wandered around, I of course was looking for possible Carnation cups. Walking through the bar supply aisle, my eyes fell on a martini mixer. It was made of stainless steel, it was about the right shape, and I could get my hand inside it for easy cleaning. I bought it.

In the style of my previous reviews, here are the pros and cons:

Pros: Great size. Easy to clean. Will look good next to the shiny chrome faucet of my kitchen sink.
Cons: Dark inside, so it’s easy to miss stuff when cleaning. Edge is thin metal and almost sharp. Sort of feels like I’m drinking out of a knife.

So... shiny...

It’s been the best fit so far. I will keep using it for now, but I’ll keep my eye out for other cup choices.


  1. Beth

    I looked at EtCetera for a Slimfast cup…no luck. But maybe next time…

    Regardless, I love this new shiny cup. It’s mesmerizing.

  2. Carol

    …and couldn’t you chill this excellent metal Carnations Cup the night before, then add the mix in the morning, shake well (don’t stir), and it all would be even more splendiferous than before, no? And heck, you could add “special” stuff that teachers shouldn’t indulge in on work days until after school, and who would know?! I mean, it is a martini shaker, nicht wahr? Just a thought…

    If the metal doesn’t work out, though, I’d still say look for one of those Tupperware pudding shaker thingies – they even have a spoked wheel insert that helps the powder mix and dissolve better, I think.

    Love a good quest – thanks for keeping us updated. I look forward to the final selection round – will there be consolation prizes for those cups that may not make the cut?

  3. Kim

    hey brad…I think rosie is going to call you about your oregon ridge tickets…fyi

  4. Michele

    Were you having a dress rehearsal for school mornings? I noticed you have on what appears to be a school shirt!

    • Brad

      Dress rehearsal? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been wearing school shirts all summer.

      • Peggy

        So are the work clothes in the summer to blame for the new murderous looking you?

        • Brad

          That picture doesn’t look murderous when it’s larger. I look angry because of the permanent vertical dent between my eyebrows.

  5. Lloyd

    Since you have a martini shaker now you could tell everyone that you drink your Ovaltine “Shaken, not stirred.” Just like all the other geriatric spies.

    • Brad

      It’s stirred, not shaken. Definitely.

      • Deanne

        How fascinating, he has this nice shaker and he still wants it stirred… but I can shake my gin martini the next time I visit. I’ll have to remember that…

  6. Lauren

    Would you like me to fix that knife-like edge? I could heat the top up in the fire pit and then smash it against the sidewalk. That would blunt it a little.

    • Lauren

      I should have said ‘smoosh’. ‘Smash’ implies that I’m not being careful.

      • Carol

        HA! Another gem from Miss Lauren – where do you get these quips??

      • Peggy

        Agreed…I laughed out loud! HA!

  7. Peggy

    I think it’s a great cup…except for the knife part (HA!)…but another pro is that you can check your hair one more time in it before leaving for the day.

  8. Annette

    Have you tried the wooden barrel yet?

    • Peggy

      Wouldn’t that be too big?

  9. Curt

    Being that it is metal, would it get too cold to hold, especially in the winter?

    • Lauren

      Brad has a very methodical approach to his Carnation drinking. I would say that the time from milk pouring to final gulp/lump chewing is about a minute and a half. It’s not quite long enough to get frostbite, but we should take into account how he makes three batches in a row.

    • Lauren

      I saw that, too!!

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