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Camera Cracks

My wrestling practice pants pockets are slippery. I dropped my camera down the stairs. Well, actually, it’s Denis’ camera, but I’ve been sort of permanently borrowing it because he got a new one. It has been awesome for use as a blogging camera because it fits in my pants pocket so easily. I’ve been using it for maybe a year and a half now. It still works, but the glass on the view screen is broken. And it’s not just cracked… it’s kind of jaggedy and sticking-out sharp. I will continue to carry it, but I’ll put it in my jacket pocket. I don’t want sharp pieces of glass in my pants.

Maybe I’ll shop around for another camera. I just saw an ad that showed a bunch of them for less than $200. Hey! Maybe I can find something good on Black Friday! That would be awesome. I haven’t had a goal on Black Friday for years.

Maybe I could cover the sharpness with clear fingernail polish?


  1. Beth

    Awh Man. I love that little camera.

    (But WooHoo to black Friday!! In less than two weeks we’ll all be there!!!)

  2. Lauren

    Rats. Double rats. That camera had magical properties. 🙁

    Alternately: A little scotch tape on the top of that – good as new!

  3. Lloyd

    If you get a new camera, you should get the one with the most buttons. Ask the sales person, “Which one has the most buttons?” Remember, they like to help people.

    • Deanne

      If I were getting a new camera, I would wish to find one with servo but still really really small. Maybe nothing like that exists.

  4. Lauren

    I think Olympus makes one that is droppable from a flight-of-stairs height. That’s about 5 feet, right?

    (Heh. “Droppable” isn’t a word, but “undroppable” is. Thanks, spellcheck.)

  5. Peggy

    I don’t know…shards of glass in your thigh would make for some interesting posts.

  6. Peggy

    But sorry about your camera…but shopping for a new one will be great fun!

  7. Karla

    Use duct tape! Isn’t that supposed to fix everything?

    And if you still think you need a replacement, maybe this one can handle the treatment you dish out: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2719107 It seems to be well reviewed… 😉

  8. Carol

    Wow – if I ever need glass shard-ed (just made that word up), now I know who to call. Great job trashing decorating the face of Denis’ camera, though. Only one question: could you still take pictures with it without the cracked part showing up in the shot? If so, equally amazing. (If not, why have you been carrying it around like that, silly human? Leave it home already!!)

    • Carol

      No idea why the “strike” feature didn’t cancel after one word but instead turned the remaining text to italics…other than technology hates me.

  9. Michele

    WOW – no one has asked the obvious question … so what did you use to take a picture of your busted camera?

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