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Black Friday Acquisition

On Thanksgiving Day, we got a paper so we could browse the Black Friday specials. I was looking for a camera because I had dropped my regular pocket camera. There were some good deals out there, but they fell into two categories:

1) The Black Friday price was exactly the same as prices I could find all over the internet.
2) The camera that was being offered at a cheap price had some serious complaints against it in online reviews.

There was a camera being offered at Sears that was in neither category. It was $20 cheaper than the internet, and the complaints against it were that its pictures weren’t as good as an SLR camera and that the paint chipped off of it too easily. I can deal with those problems. It is a Canon Powershot SD780 IS.

Harold, Beth, and I snuck out of the house yesterday morning and went to two places. First we stopped at Modell’s Sporting Goods store, where Harold got some shirts. Then we went to White Marsh Mall. I went to Sears and got my camera. Harold and Beth went to Macy’s and got some clothes for Tara and Tim.

The camera I got is freakishly small. It’s the size of a deck of cards. It is also red. That’s the only color they had. The check-out guy asked for my phone number. I did what I always do: I gave him my number, but with the last digit changed. A name popped up on the screen and an address from Lansing, Michigan. He asked me if it was right. I said I didn’t know what that was. He proceeded to ask me for my name and address. I asked if it was necessary. He said I could always just give him bogus information. You mean like my phone number?, I asked in my head. Instead, I gave him all correct information. At least they don’t have my real phone number.

It's so shiny.  And red.

It will fit in my pocket nicely.  I just have to remember not to drop it.

It didn’t come with a memory card, so I have to get that today. That’s okay, because I also need some birdseed.


  1. Peggy

    Nice, very nice! You should start a new tradition of buying something red every Black Friday. And will we see a picture taken from the new camera on tomorrows post?

  2. Lauren

    It’s beautiful – so sleek and shiny! I think Canons are really great cameras – until you drop them, and then they are terrible.

    Information-gathering when you shop is annoying. When they say, “Can I get your phone number?” I say “Can I politely say no thank you?”

  3. Lauren

    Tell me what kind of battery it uses – I may have some extras and a couple of chargers for you.

  4. Carol

    We also immediately turn down check-out personnel who want to know our blood type, shoe size, and telephone number. [Well, actually, if we gave them the number through which our computer works, they’d never get anything more than a busy signal anyway.] Nobody ever gives us a hard time about it either – so practice the “just say ‘no'” approach for next time, Brad. It’s okay to not give information when requested. Really.

    Also, at which pet store do you shop that also sells memory cards for digital equipment? How convenient, particularly if your dog has a digital camera or your cat’s laptop needs more memory or…

    Oh, and red is the only color for flashy new toys – red is the new blue, I hear.

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