Not Bad at All

I’ve had sore gums for a week or so. It hasn’t helped that I keep burning the roof of my mouth either. I thought maybe if I swished with some mouthwash before bed, that might help speed the healing along.

But there’s a problem: all mouthwashes seemed to contain sodium saccharin. Sodium saccharin is my bitter enemy. Any toothpaste containing this ingredient will leave my mouth feeling gummy, sticky, metallic-sweet. And, I’ve found out by experience, so will any mouthwash containing this ingredient. I went looking at the drug store anyway, hoping that there might be at least one mouthwash that did not contain sodium saccharin.

I found one! But it was yellow Listerine. I’d heard all kinds of bad things about yellow Listerine about it tasting terrible and medicine-like. I got it anyway. Guess what? It’s AWESOME! Yes, it has the horrible burniness of regular mouthwashes, but once you spit it out, there is no taste at all. AND no gummy, sticky, metallic-sweet flavor. Cool! I LOVE yellow Listerine. Thank you for leaving out the sodium saccharin, Listerine people!

And my gums feel much better, thank you.

They should call it 'Nothing Flavor'.

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7 Responses to Not Bad at All

  1. Lauren says:

    That is fascinating – the old stuff is the good stuff. I think we had this in the medicine cabinet when I was a kid. I don’t remember using it, but now I want to try it. You should work for their ad department!

  2. Lloyd says:

    The gummy, sticky, metallic-sweet flavor means it’s working.

  3. Kristi says:

    It looks like cooking oil.

  4. Peggy says:

    It’s just not a good color for a bathroom product.

  5. Michele says:

    It reminds me of old people.
    I guess that goes along with your sleeping habits – ha!

    I prefer the young and hip “Cool Burst” Listerine – ahhh, minty fresh!

  6. Live Oak says:

    I just picked up a small bottle of this stuff after my bottle of the cool mint listerine ran out. The first bottle of listerine I ever picked up was the orange flavor, which was alright. I then got the cool mint bottle just because the yellow bottle didn’t list a flavor. I must say, I absolutely love this formula. Truly fresh after I’m done brushing.

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