And Then There were Two

The wild eyebrow hairs continue to come. Last time I mentioned one, I shortly afterward pulled it out. Now I have two at the same time. I keep wetting them and rubbing them and trying to encourage them to lie flat, but they continue to stick out. I hesitate to pull them out because it’s two this time. When do I draw the line? When is it better to have crazy eyebrows than no eyebrows at all?

The little cleaning brush that came with my electric shaver does a pretty good job getting my eyebrows to go in the same direction. I’ve used it in the morning when I notice the crazy hairs. Do I carry that in my pocket? Do I become a compulsive eyebrow brusher?

I think I’ll just pull them.

I hadn't brushed yet, so they all look a little crazy, but it's the two big ones in the middle.

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5 Responses to And Then There were Two

  1. Lauren says:

    This is the other eye, right?

    I know a lady who combs her eyebrows every morning with a little brush. I think I’ve even heard of using some hair product to ‘set’ them, but I might have heard it in a dream. It’s so hard to distinguish reality from dream-world nowadays.

  2. Michele says:

    My mother started using Chapstick to tame her eyebrows! She never used to have a problem (she has beautiful eyebrows) but over the last year or two they were taking off in crazy directions. I think she should patent her idea!

  3. Peggy says:

    HA! But:

    1. So you brush your eyebrows everyday…or just when you have new wild growth?

    2. I thought you wanted crazy old man eyebrows?

    3. Being the great gardener that you are, you surely know that the best plants take the longest to cultivate (I made that up…I hope there’s some truth to it). So I’m sure these eyebrows will take years to come to fruition…so why would you destroy these younglings?

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