Physical Therapist

When I went to the back doctor in May, she said I could visit the physical therapist if I wanted. It took me a while to get there, but yesterday I finally went.

My big question was about weight lifting. I liked weight lifting in the past, but it made my back hurt. I’ve actually been searching for a while for a way to lift weights that wouldn’t hurt my back. I’ve combed the internet. I’ve bought weight lifting books. I’ve asked various people. No advice. No ideas.

A physical therapist seemed like a good person to ask because she would know about back health. So I asked her… And she actually told me specifics! Awesome! She said 12 to 15 reps. She said form is everything. If I get tired and start using bad form, my back will hurt. She even talked about particular machines and how to position myself on them. I can’t say how excited I am to finally have specific instructions about weight lifting!

So I have to say for the record and for the internet… Noelle from Overlea Physical Therapy rocks! She had a great bedside manner, talked in a way that I could understand, and didn’t pressure me into gratuitous follow-up visits. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who needed a physical therapist.

This is a lot harder than it looks, especially with tight hamstrings.

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  1. Carol says:

    While I’m a little fuzzy on how the diagram above is supposed to get any weights into the air, even if only 12-15 times, if you’re happy – we’re all happy! And thanks for the recommendation; one never knows when the life of the classroom teacher will necessitate a visit to a therapist of one sort or the other, eh?

    P.S. When did you change your first name officially to “Mr.”? (See upper left corner of sheet/photo and ID# as well there.)

    • Brad says:

      Besides the weightlifting advice, she gave me some stretches and abdominal excersises I could do at home. This was the easiest one, and it wasn’t all that easy…

  2. Lauren says:

    Great – more ways you’re going to be better than the rest of us.

    My exercise is working with little children. Sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up – repeat all day. Occasionally lift one who’s giving you grief (bend from the knees).

  3. Peggy says:

    Physical therapy is hard & painful. But considering I have a referral to go to one…maybe I’ll give Noelle a call. I can’t do what that cartoon man is doing in the picture…not even close…oh, maybe I’ll just go get a walker.

    Happy weight lifting!

    • Brad says:

      Haha… When Noelle went through this stretch with me, just getting into this seated position was hard. Then she asked me to lean forward a little. Of course I couldn’t. I could barely sit like that with my knees unbent.

      She was good-natured about it though.

      • Carol says:

        …and I bet there is more than one of us out here in Bradaptationland thinking, “Well, I surely could get into that position – it’s the getting up of the floor part after the stretches than could be great comedic relief for any innocent bystanders.”

  4. Deborah says:

    I saw a skinny guy the other day wearing a t-shirt that said, “I know I should lift weights, but they’re just so HEAVY!” I thought that was funny.

  5. Lloyd says:

    Is that a picture of you? I hope no one else has said that. I haven’t had time to read all of the comments yet.

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