Wobbly But Nice

I got a new kitchen faucet. It was sort of an impulse buy, but sort of not. I’ve been on the lookout for a new faucet because my old one was unstable.

I was at Lowe’s the other day, and saw a faucet that I liked. I needed a one-hole faucet (a rare item), and I needed something that extended far over the sink. Also on my list was the “oil rubbed bronze” look to match my cabinet handles, and something that fit with my kitchen’s traditional look.

Here it is:
The spigot pulls out like a sprayer.

But here’s the problem: it wobbles a little. I tried to make it more solid, but I couldn’t get a wrench around the tightening nut underneath. I think the wobble might even be in the design: where the faucet comes in contact with the sink there’s a rubber washer. Maybe that makes it wobble.

The wobbling reminds me of an old movie called Crazy People, where people from an asylum write ads for an agency. Their ads are unconventional, but persuasive. The one that I always remember is “Volvo: Boxy but good.” HERE is the clip. Warning: It has some bad language in it.

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10 Responses to Wobbly But Nice

  1. Lauren says:

    *gasp* I think that faucet is gorgeous! Who cares if it wobbles – you get water out of it, right?

    Also, I think I might need to watch all of Crazy People.

    • Peggy says:

      Me too! That movie looks awesome-and I like the actors in it…how did I ever miss it back in 1990? Oh wait, I had little kids, it was either Ninja Turtles or Ghost Busters.

      Faucet looks really cool! Maybe the wobbling is because its your totem. Or someone elses. Are you awake? Are you sure?

      (side note: Why are the plants in your window that nice small size? Mine are getting so big they are pushing each other over. I have kept them in little pots so they wouldn’t grow too much…but they’re running a muck! What do you think is going on?)

      • Brad says:

        Your plants are older. I just pulled the heads off of these last March. Dump your plants out of their pots, put new dirt in, twist off the heads of your plants, and jam them in the new dirt. Presto! Neater looking plants!

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Brad, sounds like you might want to try a sink wrench (http://bit.ly/d2Xv13) to get under there and tighten things up a bit. I’m surprised the rubber washer doesn’t help tighten it up. Regardless, it looks great. Congrats!

  3. Carol says:

    If indeed your entire spiggot pulls out like a sprayer, it could seem that would explain the wobbling, no? [If it were tight and flush all the time, how could it pull out without ripping something int he process?] Or, as the Peg-ster suggests, you are unconscious. If that’s the case, see if you can get through an entire school year in that state. Could be interesting.

    This is indeed a unique fixture and quite in keeping with your “now I have something few other people have” life theme. Congratulations, and many happy….uh…..sinksful of dishes?

    @ Peggy: if you watched Ghost Busters repeatedly when the boys were younger, that “Key Master” phrase should have come more easily to you the other day…….you Key Master, you….

    • Peggy says:

      I know, I know…my kids loved those movies, and they had all the stuff…the proton pack…the ghost trap……the soundtracks. I’m so ashamed I couldn’t remember the movie! But I’m old now…and I draw blanks constantly!

  4. Lloyd says:

    Sometimes I wobble too. I think that’s okay.

  5. Christina says:

    Try a little bit of plumbers putty….the should stop the wobble.

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