The Fourth Time’s a Charm

It’s time for another video walkthrough of the garden. I’ve been especially excited because the sedum is finally blooming. Two Saturdays ago, the sedum flowers were covered with butterflies. It was magical. I got my camera out and recorded the beauty of the butterflies while talking about the virtues of my garden in August.

Wait… Did I say “August”?!? Arrgh! It’s September! I said “August” at the beginning of the video and at the end. Blast! I had wonderful recordings of butterflies, but I couldn’t use them.

I waited another week so I could do my filming during the day. I didn’t get as many butterflies in the video, but it was good enough to post. But wait… Did I say “August” again? I did! Dang. I decided to to another video the next day, even though it wasn’t sunny any more. I started out by saying “September”, but then said “August” several times. Dang.

Yesterday I left school early. It was so hot. The air conditioning at school isn’t working right now and the temperatures were high. Because I left early, it was still light enough to film the garden! Woo hoo! And I said “September”! Woo hoo!


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2 Responses to The Fourth Time’s a Charm

  1. Lauren says:

    How do you know that those fish are happy? Maybe they’re very angry or depressed. You know what happens when you assume? Your fish plot your demise?

    I can’t hear verbena without thinking about Little House on the Prairie. There was some conversation about ‘toilet water’ – a perfume called Lemon Verbena.

    You BOUGHT firewood!?!

  2. Peggy says:

    Yay for another video! I’m learning!

    I love pink & fluffy!
    How did you get that 1 butterfly & 1 bee to pose so perfectly for your picture? Or are they fake?
    Are you saying ‘millet head’ or ‘mullet head’? hehe…your plants have a mullet
    I’m disappointed that you didn’t get to taste one of the apples…before the animals got them all.
    I miss those roses (I think they were roses) that were growing in the pot outside the fence…that looks sort of Mexican…with holes in the side of it. I loved those…I want to try them next year….with the same pot. I loved that they grew out the side.
    I think the fish are not only happy, but ecstatic!! They all escaped your murderous hand! (right?)

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