Thursday is the New Saturday

I’ve been teaching confirmation class at my church for the last few weeks because my pastor is sick. I’m glad to help, but it gives me a commitment on Saturday at 3pm. Since I already have that commitment, and since it takes some preparation, I’ve moved my Weekend Work Day at school to Saturday. That generally leaves Sunday open, but there are still church commitments in the morning and the looming presence of Monday. Carefree weekends are gone for now. But something interesting has happened: I have begun to anticipate the arrival of Thursday with the same kind of excitement I once felt for Saturday. At the risk of a longer post, I’ll do a day-by-day explanation:

Sunday – Church in the morning. I enjoy it and would never want to stop going, but it is a commitment. I have responsibilities. My motivations are mixed. It’s like working a job because you have to versus working a job because you want to. The rest of Sunday is spoiled by the threat of Monday.
Monday – The beginning of the week. I feel pretty good, but the whole week is ahead of me. Choir practice at night.
Tuesday – My worst day. Chapel is on Wednesday – lots of preparation. The orderly lesson plans I had from Monday are now wreckage. Handbell practice at night.
Wednesday – Passes in a blur. Chapel anxiety in the morning, rushing off to classes, five minutes behind all day. Church at night.
Thursday – By now, my lesson plans are back in order. I’m feeling relaxed. Being with students is why I became a teacher. It’s fun! NOTHING at night. Woo hoo!
Friday – Still relaxed during the day, but Saturday is coming. Friday is the new Sunday.
Saturday – School Work Day. If I don’t go in early, I spend the morning with dread in my stomach. There’s so much work… Then confirmation. By the time I get home, it’s like I’ve had a school day. No evening commitment, but there are church responsibilities in the morning…

I was feeling relaxed and happy yesterday. While having class in the library, I played with this printer. I think it looks like a Star Wars space station. You can push open this little door, and a spring will close it again.
I wish I had a tiny toy spaceship.

PS. I don’t mean for this to sound like an “I’m so busy” rant. I know there are people way busier than me. I just wanted to document the interesting change to my weekly rhythm. After all, this is my memory archive.

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5 Responses to Thursday is the New Saturday

  1. Lauren says:

    No, I think you get to call this a busy rant, because I was exhausted just reading this. Holy. Cow. Something’s got to give or you’re going to go insane. (That’s just my professional opinion.)

    For me, it’s the evening commitments that made me crazy. Last year was the insane year and it was having things at night that put me over the edge. Evening are supposed to be the sacred time when I can hide in my shell and recover.

  2. Lloyd says:

    That’s a pretty old printer. Also, red is the new black.

  3. Peggy says:

    Dang….I guess asking you to take an underwater basket-weaving class with me on Thursday nights is out of the question then, huh?

  4. Carol says:

    I. Can. Relate. I think we all can. How sad is that? The best news of your post: “Being with students is why I became a teacher. It’s fun.” My last class had me connect to YouTube just to hear the Worst Song Ever (“Friday” by Rebecca Black) before they left for the weekend. And yes, they sang along even though it was The Worst Song Ever. And it was indeed fun. And what a great way to end the week…until tomorrow morning…when we’ll be back…lather. rinse. repeat.

  5. Brent says:

    Just get your doctorate and move up to college teaching. We’re never busy at all. I just sit in my office posting on blogs all day.

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