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A Tie and Some Bees

He is risen! Alleluia!

I got a new Easter tie. It’s not a new color for me, but it was so nice…
Blue and flowery.

I’ve been walking in the garden a lot lately. Yesterday I noticed a lot of honey bees flying by. That’s not too unusual because the holly bush is blooming. The bees like that a lot. But it was unusual to see them flying onto my back porch. I followed their trail back to an old bamboo screen. After deciding not to use it inside, I had taken it to the back porch to help hide the ladder storage area.

The screen.

The bees were climbing into the bamboo sticks from the top. They’re making a hive on my back porch! I’m glad to have taken those honey bee classes. Now I know not to be scared and I know who to call to come collect the hive instead of just killing them all.

It was hard to get a picture. When I do April’s garden movie I’ll try to show the bees.
There are two in this picture.


  1. Lauren

    Your tie is very Easter-y! Well-chosen!

    The bees are crazy! Do you think that they think it’s some oddly-sized pre-fab hive from IKEA? (Also, what is that blue curtain?)

    • Peggy

      Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

      • Brad

        I just realized I hadn’t answered this question. I have a bookshelf on my back porch that has a bunch of gardening supplies on it. I put a tension rod and shower curtain on the bookshelf to hide the mess.

  2. Peggy

    He is risen indeed!

    And that is a very lovely tie! Is it silvery with blue or blue on blue?

    And really Brad…..you don’t want to keep the bee hive & give it a try? I think it’s meant to bee. I think it’s your density!

  3. Nigel

    That is a seriously nice tie buddy.

  4. still wainting for the brand of the tie.

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