Seed Success

I’m doing better with my garden timing this year than ever before. I got roots, tubers, corms, and seeds all in the ground weeks ago. Yay! And they’re sprouting! Yay!

I am particularly excited about the seeds. I’ve tried to grow seeds before, but I sort of just threw them on the ground and hoped for the best. This year, I jammed them carefully in the dirt or I actually prepared special seed beds for them. It’s working much better. The seeds I have sprouting right now are moss rose, morning glories, dill, basil, and nasturtium.

Here are the nasturtium seedlings. I love their weird round leaves:
Okay, so their leaves don't look so round in this picture, but they'll be rounder later.

The basil seedlings are featured in my April garden movie. It’s a longer movie than usual, but there’s so much to see in April…

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4 Responses to Seed Success

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! You’re so casual about the dead robin.

    It’s like a whole library of plants in your yard. It’s exciting to see everything blooming and almost makes me want to go out and work in my yard. Almost. 🙂

    It actually worries me that you like smells so much. When you come to our house, are you constantly offended at weird smells here? Say ‘no’.

  2. Peggy says:

    It always amazes me how you just plant stuff … and it grows!! Just like that (fingersnap)! ! I can’t believe how much the potatoes have grown since last time!

    I like the nasturtiums leaves now…they look like little paw prints to me.

    Is rhubarb something you can eat? And if at the end of the summer you have a bunch of basil leaves that you don’t want, I’ll take them. I like to freeze them for winter use.

    Yay for your bloomin’ yard!

    • Brad says:

      Well, I did plant those potatoes two weeks ago. Time flies, eh?

      And yes, the rhubarb is something you eat. I keep meaning to get this one recipe from my mom. I’m going to text her right now…

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