Oh Yeah!

The last time I was in the grocery store, I needed coffee, so I went down the coffee aisle. It also just so happened to be the Kool-Aid aisle. Mmm… Kool-Aid… Kool-Aid costs more than it used to, but it’s still pretty cheap, so I got some. I got grape and orange and cherry: all the good popsicle flavors.

I have mixed some grape up, and it is delicious! I like to add more sugar than they say, and less water. The flavor is more intense that way. Hmm… Maybe I should try other additives: …a dash of salt? …some vanilla? …rosemary? …malt powder? …a touch of vinegar? This could be really interesting.

For now, I just put it in my giant mug with crushed ice. Perfect!

I like how they have grapes on the package, as if that's what it tastes like.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I was expecting the ‘more sugar’ part, but the ‘less water’ cracked me up. I’m imagining you pouring grape syrup over the ice.

    Would vanilla in the orange give it a creamsicle touch? Then you could tell that gum a thing or two.

  2. Peggy says:

    You could top it off with a handful of sugar cubes….so you can drink & crunch.

    I like all those popsicle flavors too….but one of my favorites is white. I don’t know what flavor it is….but it has a lemon lime flavor. And they’re hard to find.

    SQUIRREL: This post reminded me right away of a boutique I used to shop in when I was a teenager. It was on the corner of Harford Road & Taylor Avenue. It’s name: First National Grape…..lovingly referred to as ‘The Grape’ by all us hippies. I always bought my jeans there.

    • Brad says:

      Sugar cubes is genius! I will have to get some on the way home from school!

      And you and Lloyd should get together about popsicle flavors. I think he likes white too. He also likes really bizarre flavors. I have learned not to eat popsicles from their freezer.

    • Carol says:

      I think I remember that store, Peggy! Not that I would have shopped there myself…pretty square for my years, as I recall…did once own a Nehru jacket, though…

  3. Kristi says:

    You have a whole packet of koolaid in one mug????? Now that’s got to be sugar high.

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