Deja Vu

My first day in Nebraska was surprisingly like my last day in Baltimore.

I didn’t sleep well my last night in Baltimore. That uneasy sleep continued as I flew. I took Dramamine. It kept me in a twilight state for most of my flying.
Read a page in my book, fall asleep.  Read another page, fall asleep...

My last day in Baltimore began with a diner breakfast. My first meal in Seward was a country club brunch. I had biscuits and gravy. Mmmm…
Look at all that bacon!

I did laundry in Baltimore. Lauren did laundry in Seward. She said something about clean towels…
She thanked me for cutting her face off.  That's the first time I've been thanked for that.

I gardened on my last day in Baltimore. Lauren was quick to present me with some cash for my gardening adventures in their yard. She feels guilty when I spend money on their garden. I don’t even think about it; it just makes me happy to garden. The money she gave me was in notepad style: it’s bills that you can tear out of the pad one at a time, just like a sticky note. It’s really cool.
Blood money?  I haven't killed any rabbits in their garden.  Yet.

In Baltimore, I stayed up late packing. In Nebraska, I stayed up late playing “Settlers of Catan”. I made my customary Tower of Doom with the game pieces.
I didn't come in last.  Yay!

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7 Responses to Deja Vu

  1. Lauren says:

    Here’s to every day being a bacon-filled adventure! We are low on Dramamine, however.

    Your towel is clean now and folded on the bathroom counter. 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    Biscuits and gravy – nothin’ wrong with that.

  3. Peggy says:

    So it’s like your own version of Groundhog’s Day….excellent!

    And those cash checkbooks are AWESOME!

    btw: What’s everybody drinking out of those cool, cooper mugs?

  4. Michele says:

    I want that table! Is that a built-in lazy susan?

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