Butter Mint Anniversary

Yesterday my relatives Wayne and Barbarakay Royuk had a surprise party for their 40th wedding anniversary. Wayne is my first-cousin-once-removed. He and Barbarakay are among my favorite once-removeds. They’ve always been so friendly to me.

I went up to Arlington with my parents and the Pesters for the party. Wayne said his kids had successfully surprised them. There were lots of Arlington people there. It was fun to see them. I also saw my Uncle Paul and Aunt Linda. (Hi, Aunt Linda!)

My second cousins had chosen a green a yellow theme for their parents’ party. It was very festive. The refreshments were awesome. I was most excited to see butter mints. I’ve only ever seen them at weddings. And it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a wedding. There were white and yellow flower shapes, and leaf shapes. The leaves were mint-flavored. Yuck. But the flowers were flavored with almond-extract. Yum!

So creamy and sugary...  Mmm...

Congratulations on 40 years, Wayne and Barbarakay! Yay! (They don’t actually read Bradaptation, but I wish them well anyway)

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5 Responses to Butter Mint Anniversary

  1. Peggy says:

    Are these the candies that are ALL sugar on the outside, creating a crunchy shell….and the inside is creamy? I haven’t had these in forever! I wonder where you would even get them. (did you smuggle any out in a napkin?)

    Now I’m longing for foods from yesteryear…..like Scooter Pies (way better than Moon Pies) and Fudgetown Cookies…..and Fudgies (hehe…). Dang, I would probably eat an old tennis shoe if it were dipped in chocolate.

  2. Lauren says:

    My sister and I made the butter mints for her wedding. If memory serves, they are just butter and powdered sugar and flavoring – like a really thick frosting. Mmmmmmm………

    I’m happy it was such a fun time for you! Happy Anniversary, Wayne and Barbarakay (who wins for coolest name)!

  3. Carol says:

    Now wait – I’m seriously confued here. The leaves tasting like mint (since they are supposed to be mint leaves and all) is “icky”, yet other minty food products referenced earlier are yummy? Where does one draw the line between yum and yuck, I wonder?

    (Those sugary flowers would be one quick way to diabetic shock, I should think. Yowie!)

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