I get a serious amount of advertisement mail in my email box every day. I won’t call it spam because I actually signed up for it. Whenever I ordered a paper catalog, I also signed up for emails. Why not? They offer coupon codes… sometimes for 20% off anything from the entire site!

But yesterday I was just realizing how many of those emails I get from places I will never order anything from. Places that are cool to look at, but whose prices are way out of my league. I decided to start unsubscribing from the places I haven’t ever ordered anything from. I’m at eight sites and counting. Sheesh!

No.  Thank YOU.

I’ve also been a little creeped out lately that the banner ads in the margin of my hotmail page are ads about sites I’ve been to. I know there are cookies being stored on my computer and stuff, but the ads are a little too spot-on. It makes me feel like I’m being watched….

After unsubscribing from J.Peterman, I got a pop-up ad from J.Peterman.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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3 Responses to Unsubscribing

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! J. Peterman! Now I want to watch some Seinfeld. 😀

    I applaud your e-mail cleaning, and am inspired to think about doing the same. Not actually doing it, but thinking about it.

  2. Kristi says:

    J. Peterman was always a rough-looking character in my mind. You better watch out, Brad.

  3. Peggy says:

    I agree with Kristi….that is one cool looking ad man! Do you hear this with each pop up?


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