Red Pill Blue Pill

I’ve been feeling sick the last few days. It started with a sore throat, then turned into a stuffy head and a cough. The physical discomfort part of this sickness is actually not too bad. What’s harder to deal with is the smothering weakness. I’ve been so weary all day long.

When I get a cold or flu, I like to use a multi-symptom drug. I get generics, so they’re simply called “Daytime”. When I went to the store, I wondered about trying “Nighttime”. It’s been a while since I did that. Looking at them together, it struck me how much the pills looked like the Matrix pills. Not quite “red” and “blue”, but still…

Do you think they just used these for the movie?

The Nighttime pill has antihistamine in it, which makes people sleepy, which is why it’s called “Nighttime”. Thinking back to my beekeeping classes, I remember the teacher saying that if you get stung by a bee, you shouldn’t take an antihistamine. He said it would confuse your body and end up making you more allergic to bee venom in the future. I’m wondering if that is true for pollen allergens too. THIS article says it might be. I’ve decided to lay off the “blue” pills for now.

Neo took the red one.

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7 Responses to Red Pill Blue Pill

  1. Lauren says:

    Well, let me just start by being bossy and telling you to go to the doctor. I’m paranoid regarding health these days.

    I wish we were in Baltimore with you. Lloyd could watch movies with you and I could bring you guys juice. 🙂

    • Brad says:

      Hehe… Thanks for caring enough to boss me around, but this is just a cold. …or flu. I never quite know which. I have felt feverish. Is that a flu? Anyway, I’m feeling better this morning after going to bed super-early last night. It’s weird to wake up at twelve-something and to have been in bed for five hours already, but it’s so nice to wake up in the morning and know you’ve had more than nine hours of sleep.

    • Peggy says:

      …or homemade milkshakes. When my kids had sore throats, I always made them milkshakes.

      And at least you’re not wetting the bed like Lloyd. Feel better soon Brad!

      • Brad says:

        On my way home yesterday, I was craving Nesquik strawberry milk. I stopped at a convenience store, but all they had was vanilla. At first I was disappointed, but then I tasted it. It was just like drinking melted ice cream. Mmm…

  2. anna says:

    They look just like jelly beans!

  3. Carol says:

    I checked WebMD to be sure of the ways that flu and cold are different, and found this amusing quote: “With cold symptoms, your nose teems with watery nasal secretions for the first few days. Later, these become thicker and darker….” I imagined the teeming microbes and the thickening mucus and thought, “thousands of viruses would be taking over my nasal passages!” Indeed, WebMD confirmed that later on as well. Flu symptoms, on the other hand, come on faster, are more severe, but can go away within five days. I know when I do get a cold, it’s often hard to shake, but the flu knocks me out for about a week and then leaves. Hope this was helpful information. I am not a doctor, no do I play one on TV, so there no bill will follow. You’re welcome.

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