I was filling out some information for an online questionnaire, and came to a question whose answer surprised me. (Wait a minute… can you say “who” when talking about a question? Maybe I should have said “…the answer to which surprised me”… But that sounds too fancy. Is there a less English-teachery way to say that?)

Anyway, there was this question, and the answer made me stop and think. It asked for the postal code where I’ve lived the longest. Now that I think about it, if you’re going strictly by postal codes, I’d have to say 37917 – my Knoxville, TN zip code. But if you’re going by city, I have now lived the longest in Baltimore. I’m in my sixteenth year here. That’s longer than any other place I’ve lived. Weird. It doesn’t feel like a long time. I must be having fun, because you know – “time flies…”

Baltimore – it’s a nice place. Except for all the murders. And the stupid government. And the vampires.

I liked my first Baltimore zip code better because it was sequential - 21234

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  1. Lauren says:

    Sixteen years. Isn’t it funny how that doesn’t seem like a huge amount of time? I regularly try and figure out how old my parents were during events from my childhood, and it is freaking me out.

    • Peggy says:

      I know just what you mean! My parents were wee youngsters of 33 when we went to Florida!

      Even more weird is realizing that you’re the age your mom was when she went to Heaven. How could that be? She seemed much older.

  2. Carol says:

    1. How about “…and I was surprised at the answer I gave!”?
    2. This is how you know you’re getting older, Brad – fewer new zip code and area codes to remember. (I’ve been at our current address in Rosedale since 1988. Before then I moved every 2-4 year!)
    3. You could make one of those Sunday magazine math problems out of your current zip code: “If you retained the present pattern, what would be the next three numbers?” (Or is enough data even provided to claim there is a pattern? See, this is why I’ve not taught math…)
    4. Welcome to Bawlmer, Hon! 🙂 Hope you’ve been polishing up your Bawlmerese…?

  3. Peggy says:

    The longest zip code I’ve ever lived in is 21234. Second is 21214. Heh, I’ve lived right around the corner from you twice, and never knew it.

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