The Trash-Taker Strikes Again

Last week, my trash can was weirdly emptied into a pile across the street. Yesterday was trash day again, and as I walked out to my truck in the morning, I glanced over at my trash can. It was empty again! I started to investigate further, and noticed other trash cans were empty too: the bank and my neighbor three houses up. My immediate next door neighbor’s whole trash can was moved across the street. Everything was moved left.

To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left...

I guessed a few times last week why someone would do this, but I have a new guess: maybe they’re trying to help out the sanitation workers… Would it be easier if the trash was in fewer, larger piles? Would it be easier if it were all on one side of the street? Hmmm…

In order to avoid future incidents, I was thinking that maybe I should put the trash out in the morning instead of at night, but this happened in the morning. Here’s how I know:
It rained very heavily just before 5:30am. I almost thought it was hailing. At 6:05am, when I looked in the bottom of my open and emptied trash can, it was completely dry. Whoever moved my trash did it after that rain. Now I’m really curious. Not many people are up and out that early. And that’s a lot of physical activity for 5:30am. Maybe next week I’ll watch out my living room window to see who it is…

Not even a drop of water...

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3 Responses to The Trash-Taker Strikes Again

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m so glad you’re coming back to this because I was curious! Is it possible that it is another sanitation worker who drives around and does this so it’s more streamlined when the actual truck comes by?

    That’s a cool picture, by the way. It’s neat to see your house from a little farther away. I should try looking at it with Google Earth sometime to see what part of your garden it caught.

    • Brad says:

      Whoever did it only did the bank and three houses. At the top of the hill, and then on down the street, there is trash in cans on the right side of the street.

  2. Lloyd says:

    How about this: The bank is paying someone to do it, because they don’t like the garbage truck parked near their facility. This could be for aesthetic (spell check also suggested “athletic” and”atheistic”) reasons, or because they’ve watched Die-Hard way too many times.

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