Bible Origami

We’re having a week of half days here at the end of the school year. The high schoolers are taking finals, and are perfectly behaved and silent in their classrooms. The middle schoolers are having regular classes and they are crazed and couldn’t sit still or be quiet if their lives depended on it. The eighth graders are done and are not coming to school any more, but the sixth and seventh graders are coming all week.

I see the seventh graders twice this week. Because of the restlessness, I’m trying to plan active lessons. Yesterday’s plan was to talk about some of God’s promises from the Bible. There really are a lot of them. I chose eight. After reading the passages, we folded a “fortune-teller” origami paper, and I had them write the promises inside. It was fun.

The Bible references were the first thing you see inside, then when you open it completely, you see what the promises are.

In the background of the picture above, you can see in the purple paper what this particular origami project is used for in the East: a spice holder! Four compartments for salt, pepper, sugar, or whatever.

Anyway, this whole project reminded me that I had found a fortune-teller on the floor earlier this year and put it into my desk because it made me laugh. I read it to the students while they were folding.
The yellow one says: Your gonna break a leg within 1 week.

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4 Responses to Bible Origami

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! “Your friends are gonna kill you…. now” – how delightfully sinister!! That kid is my kinda people.

    Your Promise Origami is genius! I never knew those things were for holding spices, but yours are holding something much better. 😉

  2. Michele says:

    That is hilarious … and scary: “The devil going to take you away today.” It’s amazing how those things never go out of style. I remember making them as a kid.
    The God’s promises idea is genius. Your creativity will be missed for sure.

  3. Carol says:

    …and here I thought the one Princess showed me yesterday (and walked me through how it worked – I was impressed!) was made all on her own. I should have known there was Creative Genius behind that. Great idea! Now when are you publishing your collection of great artsy learning tools that I’ve seen you use over the decade+ I’ve known you? I’m tellin’ ya’, people would pay many rupees for that sort a’ stuff!

  4. Peggy says:

    Yup, you should market these! Or at least sell them at the square on 4th of July!

    Can you share with us the Bible references?

    (I laughed out loud at “You’re gonna live in a box.”

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