A Good Day

It’s homecoming weekend at Concordia Seward. Part of the festivities include the Alumni Association recognizing various people for their accomplishments. This year, my dad is being recognized with an award: “Churchworker Alumnus of the Year”. I’m in Nebraska to help celebrate.

Yesterday started with a breakfast banquet, where the award recipients were recognized and gave acceptance speeches. My dad’s speech was nice. He made my aunts get teary.
It was a good mix of funny and serious.

My dad’s sisters (and in-laws) were all there. It was fun to see them. We had a good time laughing and talking at the table.
We were laughing because my dad said during his speech that Aunt Bev is his OLDER sister.

After the breakfast banquet, we hung out a little, then headed to the homecoming football game. My mom and I had Tara and Tim with us because their parents were involved in the football game. We had gone into the field house on our way, and there was a giant bouncy slide. It was part of an earlier event, but had not been taken down. The girl watching it said we could go on it. Tara and Tim had it to themselves! Awesome! I went down it too. So did my mom!
Tim was airborne!

The football game was fun – the weather was great and we had good seats.
Go Bulldogs!

Harold helps coach the team. I think that’s cool. My brother-in-law coaches a university football team!
He coaches the tight ends.

We were behind the whole game. It looked like we’d lose our homecoming game. Dang. But then we scored! We were ahead! And we stayed there! We won the game! Woo hoo!
So exciting!

It was a good day.

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4 Responses to A Good Day

  1. Lauren says:

    Go Bulldogs!!

    I am so jealous that you all went down the slide, and so, so, so sad that you didn’t get a picture of your mom on it. That would have been fantastic!

    Also, I am grateful that the weather held out during the day – it was beautiful! It was supposed to be rainy with possible storms, which would have been ugly. Thanks for bringing the nice weather, Brad.

  2. Peggy says:

    What a fun day indeed! And Congratulations Mr. Royuk! Did anyone happen to record the speech? If not, I guess I’ll have to wait to get a play by play from Brad.

    And what a cool slide!! Is there any way once that thing is deflated, you could fit it in your suitcase?

    Hooray Bulldogs!!

  3. Carol says:

    …and I’m still back on the caption “He coaches the tight ends.” One could go SOOOOO many places now…particularly if one, like myself, neither knows nor cares one iota about football…but I digress. Ahem.

    So basically, the Bulldogs managed to do what the Orioles apparently could not. Nice. Good job, ‘dogs! Congrats again, Dad Royuk. Glad you got to be there for everything, Brad. Safe flight home now…no flaming aircraft please.

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