About 18 months ago, I got a citation from the City. It said I had to fix my sidewalk or be fined. If I didn’t want to fix it myself, the City would be glad to fix it for me. For a fee. First of all, there wasn’t anything wrong with my sidewalk except for a single crack. Secondly, when I called around to get the sidewalk fixed, no company would take the job because it was too small. If I did it myself, I would need a permit from the City. For a fee.

So when this happens, there really is no choice but to allow the City to fix your sidewalk and pay whatever they ask. Grrr…

Nothing happened for a long time, but they have finally worked on the sidewalks. They replaced several sections on both sides of the street. …At least it’s done now. I’ll decide how mad to be when I get the bill.
I will have to pay for three new squares.

Overnight, some graffiti was carved into my sidewalk. I wouldn’t have minded if it was something intelligible or sweet like “John loves Martha”, but it was some letters I didn’t understand: C-A-V, and I think there was a “2”. I don’t exactly remember what they were because they’re gone. The workers came back the next day and erased the scratchings with new cement. Clever! My sidewalk is graffitiless. I’m glad for that at least.
They left the bucket.  I don't think they're coming back for it.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Well, at least you’re getting a bucket out of the deal, Cav.

    Are they also done with the ‘finding the pipes’ work? Could you send a bill to the city? “Spraying yellow paint on my lawn: $400. Littering outside my house (bucket and box): $700. Littering in my yard: $400. ($200 per little yellow flag) If you respond to this bill with anything other than money, there will be a $500 fee.”

    • Carol says:

      iILOVE how your mind works….if the pre-school teaching gig ever goes south, I do believe you’d make an excellent government employee!

    • Peggy says:

      HAHAHA! That is hilarious! And we should totally be able to do that!

      And I am so glad to hear that they came back to fix the graffitti. I was afraid to read on…..I thought for a moment that you received another notice saying you needed to now re-cement over the markings. Unless do you think the workers left the code for some reason????

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