Art in Unlikely Places

At school yesterday, when one of the girls got out her text book, I had to laugh. It was made of a shopping bag, and she left the handles on. Her book has handles! Ha!
It would never hold any papers inside while carrying it.

At the end of the day, I had two packages waiting for me. TWO! Lauren sent me some lamps. I had thought I had outlets that were controlled by light switches. I was wrong. But I’m glad to have the lamps. Some areas of my apartment are pretty dark. One of the lamps has a paper-like covering. Lauren drew on it. Hehe…
I haven't felt like this at all in my apartment.

The other box was from Beth and my mom. My mom gave me some sheets she risked her life to get at Walmart on Black Friday. Beth sent many useful items.
But my favorite stuff was decorations for my refrigerator.
The postcard on the top is from Lauren.  And from me.

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6 Responses to Art in Unlikely Places

  1. Carol says:

    Awww….looks just like home now ya.

    I know – I can send you postcards from the frozen Northeast – ice…cold…snow…reminding you what you’re NOT missing. “Having a 2-hour delay; wish you were here.” [Ya’ sure picked a fine winter to abandon the East Coast I gotta say.]

  2. Lauren says:

    That book cover is the best thing about Hawaii that I’ve seen so far! That is fabulous!!

    The light cover is removable. You might remember that lamp from the play nook – it had two dancing angel frogs on it (more scary than my drawing, in my humble opinion). You can take that paper out and replace it with palm leaves or a Hawaiian map. It’s endlessly versatile.

    Your refrigerator looks gorgeous! The drawings make it just perfect. 🙂

  3. Peggy says:

    I’m with Lauren…that book cover is genius! That family should patent the idea! And I love that girl’s socks!

    I guess your frig is the most decorated part of the house, huh? It looks great! But I don’t understand–“The postcard is from Lauren. And me.”

    • Brad says:

      Years ago, I visited Oahu. While I was there, I sent a Hawaii post card to Lauren. She still had it after all this time, and sent it back to me in Hawaii. Ha!

      I was going to say “Isn’t that ironic?”, but when I went to the internet to confirm my definition of the word irony, I was surprised to see that it means something other than what I thought.

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