Busy Day

Warning: there is a picture of a urinal in this post.

Yesterday was busy. In all the excitement, I forgot it was Peggy’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Peggy! Woo hoo!

After morning devotions yesterday, I was headed back to my classroom and saw what heretofore I have only heard: the rooster that lives in the bougainvillea bushes behind my classroom. I hear him crow every morning when I get to school and it makes me laugh. I think a rooster crowing is a really funny sound.
It was still kind of dim, so the picture is blurry.

We fly to Oahu this morning for a teachers conference.

By midday, I had to make a quick run to the bathroom. The boys bathroom at school has weird urinal tablets. They look very crumbly. I had a very long conversation about them with my co-worker Paul. We were wondering out loud if the kids were smashing them or something. We guessed that the tablets break up on their own, but I still had my doubts. Out of an overwhelming sense of curiosity, I touched one. They are not soft at all. The crumbliness must be an engineered attribute.
They smell nice.

After school, I needed some ingredients for a salad for Bible study. I went to Safeway, greeted the parking lot chicken, and went inside. Carnation was on sale! Woo hoo! I took all but two boxes off the shelf. I wanted to leave something for other people.
I will need to be a bargain shopper here.  Food is kind of expensive.

We fly back from Oahu tonight.  Two flights in one day?  Ack!

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3 Responses to Busy Day

  1. Lauren says:

    Two flights in one day?!?! So you’re basically carpooling with an airplane? That is nuts. Have fun at the conference!

    I love the chickens! If we are going for names here, I vote for Kellogg (for the morning rooster) and PLuCky (Parking Lot Chicken). If we are not going for names here, pardon my intrusion.

  2. Peggy says:

    Does the school have its own plane….like the schools over here have buses?

    Enjoy the flights….at least they’ll be short & hopefully not too windy! I think you’ll be ok because all the wind is currently here in Balto.

    Love Kellogg! Maybe you could record him one morning.

  3. Peggy says:

    And now there’s proof that when we say, “Brad’s up before the roosters”, we are not just kidding.

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