Another Work Day

I spent another day working at school. First I slept in, because that is such a luxury. Then I went to school. I got papers graded, lessons, planned, reading circles re-worked, and book report rubrics typed. I got an extraordinary amount of work done, if I do say so for myself. I had to push hard, because today I’ve been invited to a co-worker’s house for a Super Bowl party.

One of my jobs was to get some student artwork up on the walls. The sixth and seventh graders did representations of some people (and gods) they have been learning about in History. The eighth graders wrote quotes from Abraham Lincoln. I got some antique-looking paper, some actual feathers (from the store, not a chicken), and some thick black paint. They copied quotes onto the papers so I could hang them on the wall. I think they look really nice.

One of my favorite quotes is the one in the upper right-hand corner.

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5 Responses to Another Work Day

  1. Lauren says:

    I love the quotes! The one that uses an ‘A’ for both his name and the quote is quite clever. Well done, student – whoever you are. Awesome display, teacher.

    Have fun at your Superbowl party!

  2. Peggy says:

    Wow…that is alot of work! Way to go! And the display looks great! Love the feather!

    Enjoy your Sunday & remember to cheer for the guys in purple. Geez, I guess you’ll be watching the game at 1:30. I wish it came on that time for us.


  3. Carol says:

    Congrats on the super-productive, non-procrastinatory (?) day! 🙂

    …and don’t you just love rubrics? How ever did we fairly assess student work “back in the day” anyway? “Eh – I never really liked this kid; feels like a ‘C’ to me.” Inevitably, though, no matter how many times I look mine over before implementing them, when all is said and done I find an element not represented on it that makes me go, “Carol, how could you have overlooked this?” Basic stuff like “Report actually written on the topic assigned” – that stuff we take for granted. Leave it to the middle school mind, though….

    …oh, and yea – Go Ravens. Rah.

    –non-football fan, off to watch the Puppy Bowl now…

  4. Kim says:

    Brad, you are a rock star! I would have loved to see the process of the kids trying to write with their quills. A house divided against itself cannot stand… a favorite.

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