I have left my Baltimore bank account open. I have three automatic withdrawals that happen from that account, and rather than mess with trying to pay them from Maui, I will just be transferring money into the account as needed. It’s actually kind of cool – I can just log into my Hawaiian bank account and tell it to send money to my Baltimore account, and five to ten days later, BOOM! There it is. (I have no idea why an electronic transfer takes so long, especially when I’m paying for it, but what are ya gonna do?)

This last paycheck was kind of tight because of how my various budget items came together. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough money in my Baltimore account to cover the first-of-the-month payments. It turned out just fine:
Money to spare.

My next automatic payment isn’t until the 22nd. That means I’ll have plenty of time to get part of the next paycheck transferred. It’s like I’m some kind of high-powered business man or something!

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  1. Carol says:

    You go, Mr. High-powered Business Man! (Have you started carrying a briefcase yet?

    I can guess why it takes so long to move money from Maui to Baltimore: those dollars have to swim an ocean, climb mountains, cross deserts – they’re tired by the time they get back home, I wager. (……what?…..the money isn’t physically moved anywhere?……..never mind then…..) Even here the monthly car & house insurance payment page warns to alot up to five business days for the payment to be received and I’ve wondered the same thing, since if someone deposits a check we’ve made out to them it seems to vanish from our own accounts in lightning speed 😉 .

  2. Lauren says:

    Good job not dipping under zero! five to ten days later, BOOM! There it is. – I laughed out loud! It might be faster to just write a check and have it delivered by dolphin.

  3. Peggy says:

    You are a financial wizard!! Now all you need is ‘some people’ … so if there ever is a problem, you can just tell the bank to have their people contact your people … in Hawaii.

    (And I too laughed at … five to ten days later, BOOM! There it is. HA! But really, what’s the deal with that? Get some people will ‘ya & have them find out.)

  4. Sheila G. says:

    Hi Brad!

    I know that all is well with you. That nightstand is sooooo creative. I miss your wonderful voice sweetly singing in my ear–I’m the alto who sits/stands in front of Brad on the church choir 🙂 Have a very Happy Birthday!!!!

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