Eating to Live

My eating habits are different here. I can’t decide if they’re better or worse. My apartment isn’t stocked with very much food, so I kind of scrounge for something to eat. But often, the thing I end up eating is pretty healthy.

Last night I had a frozen dinner. While I was waiting for it, I had some raw oatmeal mixed with brown sugar. Mmmm… After I ate my frozen dinner (after it was cooked), I had an avocado with salt. Mmm…

Green goodness.

Later in the evening, I really wanted something sweet. I could have eaten a whole box of cookies. But I didn’t have a box of cookies, so I ate an orange.

One of these nights, my cravings might overpower my laziness. But for now, laziness always wins.

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3 Responses to Eating to Live

  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t know – it sure sounds like you’re eating better. I gotta think an orange is better than a box of cookies.

    By the way, excellent choice on the frozen dinner. Thanksgiving in a Box is always the best one, but I see yours is fancier than the Swanson – or better yet – Banquet variety. Mmmmmm……

  2. Carol says:

    Heck, yea – living in the land of such exotic fresh fruits and veggies I bet you’re eating healthier. Sad to not hear about the regular evening cereals, though, as I know how blessed expensive those are where you live now. I’ll have a bowl of something with milk tonight in your honor – and it may not be particularly healthy either. You’re welcome.

  3. Peggy says:

    Yup, definately eating healthier. And I hate you a little for that.

    Last night I did have cookies & I ate….well, I ate some.

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