Snorkeling Again

I went snorkeling again yesterday. It was once again with Paul and his neighbor Bob. We went south of Kihei this time. About as far south as you can go. This area is the spot of the most recent volcanic eruption… a hundred some-odd years ago. You can really tell. There are areas that are just swaths of broken volcanic stone.
Sharp rocks.

This area is also a nature preserve, so it’s a great place to snorkel. Bob had been here before, but he went right when he got in last time. This time, we went left. In the picture below, the spot we got in is where there is a person standing in the water by the shore. Our farthest swimming point was out to the end of that rocky outcropping on the far end of the bay.
It was a gorgeous day.

It’s nice if a snorkeling spot has a sandy place where you can get out into the water. This one did. There were several other snorkelers there since this is such a nice place.
You put your fins on after you get in the water.

It was a great outing. We saw lots and lots of fish. Bob and Paul were excited about seeing lots of varieties of butterfly fish, as well as giant parrotfish, and even more giant ulua fish. The ulua were amazing. We saw a school of big ones. They’re caught as food by fishermen here, but these were safe because we were in a preserve. They seemed to know it, because we got quite close to them.

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5 Responses to Snorkeling Again

  1. Lauren says:

    Beautiful! (This part isn’t as scary to me because it’s more cove-like, so I can appreciate the beauty.) I am so curious what the ‘Please Kokua!’ on the sign means.

    I also can’t get over that sky. It’s sooooo blue!

    • Brad says:

      The sign means “Please help”.
      It’s actually pretty easy to pick up a few Hawaiian words when you live here. They are used a lot, and you either get them by context, or you ask someone what they mean and then you remember because you see them so much.

  2. Peggy says:

    Awesome! I’m going to have to look up the fish you mentioned before I commit to hating you.

    It’s cool how you’re getting so chummy with all the sealife over there….just be careful this doesn’t happen:

  3. Kim says:

    Peggy, I thought we were all disguising our hate with genuine happiness for our friend living and teaching in paradise. You need to do a better job.

  4. Kim says:

    And I think you need an underwater camera, Brad.

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