Indoor Doormen

I am only seeing my gecko doorman infrequently lately. I have wondered if it is the cooler weather that keeps it in hiding, or if it has gotten tired of my constant in and out (once per day). Whatever the case, I do still have geckos to watch, but they’re all inside my apartment. There are two full-sized geckos that run across the living room wall up by the ceiling. I think they’re playing “chase”. I also often see one in my food pantry. I’m glad to see that one. It will eat any bugs that try to get my cereal.

There are also some baby geckos running around. One is often by my lanai door. One is in the bathroom. They’re so tiny and cute. The bathroom baby was out last night. I got a picture:

It wouldn't let me put a quarter next to it for scale.

It wouldn’t let me put a quarter next to it for scale.

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7 Responses to Indoor Doormen

  1. Lauren says:

    *shudder* How nice of you not to be crazed that there are lizards running all over your living space, cute as they may be. Not all of us can say that. Maybe the game isn’t ‘chase’, it’s ‘track the human’s movements’. (Folds legs up on stool to escape imaginary geckos on the floor.)

  2. Deborah says:

    I would have a difficult time with this, also.

  3. Kim says:

    Your hospitality is heartwarming. But not in my house. I think Motley Crue had a song about this very problem:

    “Gecko, don’t go away mad, but Gecko, just go away”

  4. Peggy says:

    I don’t mind them … I think they’re cute. I must have gotten used to them when my inlaws had a house in Florida.

    And I’m with Lauren….I think those 2 adults are playing a different game….what with the babies and all. Hey, you have a whole family living with you. Maybe you could charge them rent.

  5. Kristi says:

    “my lanai door” – My grandma had a lanai, and I loved going out there to sit with all of her lush, green plants. The gentle breeze among the plants was so soothing. Thanks for reminding me of my grandma.

  6. Lloyd says:

    Do they ever try to sell you auto insurance?

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