I brought my gardening hat from Baltimore to Maui, then from Maui to Baltimore. It has really served me well. But between getting crushed and getting wet, the hat has started to lose its shape. Most notably, the brim has become completely flat. It looks okay like that, but I really do like a little upward curve to the brim of my hats. I decided to try my hand at millinery.

First I got the brim of my hat wet, then I rolled up a towel and used it to curl the brim upward.

I used the kitchen counter.

I used the kitchen counter.

After the hat was completely dry, I removed the towel, and voila! I have a curved brim again! I don’t know how long this will last. Maybe if it goes flat too quickly I can try adding some starch next time or something.

My arm looks weird in this picture.

My arm looks weird in this picture.

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5 Responses to Hatter

  1. Lauren says:

    Well done! When you are in Seward, I’d like you to try your hand at one of those Royal Weddinghats for me.

  2. Aunt Bev says:

    Sunday Blessings To You, My Godson!!! <3 Aunt Bev 🙂

  3. Peggy says:

    I always expected that you were as mad as a hatter. Hey, does this mean you can futterwacken too?

  4. Carol says:

    While I’m a little confused how you rolled the hat brim with the rolled towel, I am even more confused by Peggy’s post. Can you even say that word in mixed company? :-/

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