Nature Walk

I decided I would go for a longer walk yesterday. I was going to walk to Barnes & Noble. It’s actually very close to my apartment, but would require crossing I-95. Instead, I have to take kind of a circuitous route so I can pass under the interstate. The underpass wan’t very pedestrian-friendly, but it sure made the walk interesting.

After visiting the bookstore, I decided to check out the Canadian geese that hang out across the street. The area is called White Marsh. I assume there is a marsh somewhere, though I haven’t seen it. I guess geese like marshy areas. Across from the bookstore is a pond that some business park installed next to their parking lot. The pond is filled with ducks and geese. I watched them for a while.

They were a little nervous about me.

They were a little nervous about me.

I decided to walk to the grocery store, thinking I might get some bread for the geese. On the way, I saw a tiger swallowtail butterfly. It was extremely close to the sidewalk, and was not flying away from me. I watched it for a while.

I couldn't get a picture with its wings spread.  It was moving too much.

I couldn’t get a picture with its wings spread. It was moving too much.

I didn’t get bread. I have been trying to be more thrifty lately, and it seemed like an unnecessary expense. Maybe another day I’ll feel more generous toward the geese…

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3 Responses to Nature Walk

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! You were so close to the wildlife – traffic included, I’m sure. I’m impressed!

    It sounds like a very Zen day – books, nature, thriftiness. You’re becoming (insert name of famous Zen guy here).

  2. Peggy says:

    Wow….that was quite a walk! I love B&N. I think I would even walk far to go there.

    And I’ve fed those geese before. I’ve saved french fries when I’ve eaten at Red Brick Station to give them. If I remember correctly, they get a little too close for comfort.

  3. Carol says:

    …and speaking of butterflies: ever since “someone” helped design and plant our front garden, we have had aMAYzing butterfly/hummingbird visitors!! They’re huge, beautiful, and, according to Justin Berk (local meteorologist for the Nebraska Bradaptationers), indicative of a cold and snowy winter to come. He he. Can you say “Early excitement over anticipated snow days? I knew ya’ could.”

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