No Heat

My heating oil tank was getting low, so I called for a delivery. The person I talked to said they would bring more on Monday. My plan was to to turn off the heater on the delivery day. Every time they deliver oil, sediment gets stirred up, my filter gets clogged, and the burner shuts off.

They delivered on Saturday. I didn’t have the heater turned off, so it shut down. Dang.

Yesterday I had arranged for a repair. There were two repairmen. After a short time in the basement, they came back up. They had replaced the filter screen and burner nozzle, but said that wasn’t the problem. What had really happened? I had run out of oil, and air got in the line.

I was sure I had a quarter tank left. The repair guy said I must’ve been looking at the top of the yellow thing on the gauge instead of looking at the bottom.

They were really nice and said there would be no charge. Nice!

All full now.

All full now.

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4 Responses to No Heat

  1. Peggy says:

    Well isn’t that an awfully silly indicator….that yellow thing. Why is it so thick? Of course it could be read wrong. The top & bottom are in totally different zones. Hmmmm…….I think I’ll install one like that in my weight scale at home.

    Glad you’re back to having heat….it’s a bit right cold out there today!

  2. Dad Royuk says:

    It’s a bummer to get air in the line. I did that to your grandpa’s diesel tractor one time and he was really upset! It didn’t happen again! God bless your deliberation. Are you consulting with anybody? Are you going for a visit? Keep us posted.

  3. Lauren says:

    I missed your post this morning. Sorry. That is a stupid gauge if that was the problem.

    BTW: I misspelled gauge three times.

    • Brad says:

      It wasn’t posted this morning. I accidentally had tomorrow’s date on it, so it was waiting in the queue. I didn’t get it fixed until around 9.

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