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It snowed yesterday morning. The news was calling it The St. Patrick’s Day Snowstorm. The schools all closed. The news was on full-time snowstorm coverage. I was scheduled to start work at 10am. I stepped outside to see the snowy wasteland.

It was nothing.

There was snow on the lawn, and it was piled high on the cars, but the streets were really clear. Even my side street was only minimally covered. My drive to work was all wet pavement. No snow.

But here was the problem: the scary reports caused employees to call out, but the clear streets and canceled activities made us busier than usual – with appointments and with phone calls. It was pretty hectic. Because it was so busy, I didn’t take a lunch break. Instead, I ate Kit Kats. I had stopped for coffee on the way in to work, so that’s what I had to drink. It was a good combination, and I had plenty of energy for the day.

I had a total of three Kit Kats.

I had a total of three Kit Kats.


  1. Carol

    Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night (nor wet streets after another Snowmageddon here) shall keep you from your appointed rounds – if the USPS were hiring, you’d be a shoe-in! Love that good ol’ Lutheran work ethic.

    Hope you found time for some corned beef or Irish beer before the day ended. (Not while working, of course….well, the corned beef maybe….)

  2. Lauren

    Holy Kats – you’ve become one of those people: “Too busy to eat”. I just can’t fathom that. I am impressed by your caffeine-fueled meal, though. Let’s see, calculating that up, it cost $5 for ‘lunch’?

  3. Peggy

    Mmm……candy! But now I have the Kit Kat song in my head ….. and I really want to break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar, but I don’t have one. Thank you.

    I took this quiz trying to erase the Kit Kat song, but it didn’t work. I got one wrong.


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